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Winter Blues or a Beauty Therapist Burnt Out

Written by Nadia McCracken on April 2nd, 2014.      0 comments

We all know that winter's colder temperatures and grey days can affect our moods. You’ve probably experienced it yourself at some point. People often refer to "the winter blues" and maybe you are experiencing them right now as we are approaching the shorter days and colder days?

On the other hand, maybe what you are feeling is not actually connected to the weather at all? Maybe it is something that statistics say affects 77 percent of people at one time or another – career burnout.
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In the spa and aesthetic business, burnout can make you feel lethargic, reduce your productivity, and make you want to throw in the towel on procedures you once enjoyed and looked forward to doing.

If this is the case and you find yourself dreading going to work, not feeling excited about providing treatments, and not actively engaging your clients, you are likely suffering from burnout. While it can be challenging to get out of this rut, it is achievable. It will take some effort on your part, but you have the ability to reclaim your passion for your work and the industry. Instead of giving your clients a makeover, let’s give your career a makeover!

Common Causes of Burnout

Repetition and boredom are the most common factors when it comes to feeling burnt out on the job. They are most often the main cause behind a loss of motivation and enthusiasm at work. Take a look at your daily appointment calendar. Are you doing the same treatments day after day? If this is the case, and you’re not stimulated enough by the treatments you are doing you can start feeling like you’re working on an assembly line.

Many therapists who suffer from burnout have been in their current job for a while and feel like they have mastered their treatments. They have grown tired of the daily tasks associated with work, and because of that, they often slide by doing the bare minimum. This creates a vicious cycle and deepens the rut that you’re in.

External factors can also contribute to burnout. The 5,000 year old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui says that we are intimately connected with the spaces in which we live and work, and that our surroundings constantly have an impact on us whether we are aware of it or not. A workspace lacking in vibrancy and energy  can have the same effect as a cold, rainy day – creating those "blah" feelings that make it hard to get through the day.

Here Are Three Easy Steps To Reclaim Your Passion

1. Rebrand your services and treatment menu with the change of each season

Don’t you just love going to your favourite restaurant and seeing a fresh new menu to reflect the new season’s harvest? It’s no different in your clinic/spa – keep it fresh for clients and staff by introducing a new season menu.

2. Refresh Your Workspace

Sparkling up a lacklustre workspace can also help combat burnout. There are many inexpensive ways to change and enhance your treatment area and create an uplifting environment. The first thing to look at is the paint job. Does your colour scheme match the mood and atmosphere you want to create? Also, fresh flowers in the workplace can do wonders for mood!


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3. Educate to Motivate 

Education is a great way to fight boredom. Some clinics and spa’s have a little more down-time in winter, which means you can get an opportunity to go and learn something new; and an opportunity to new treatments to your list of skills. There are new treatments, techniques and developments coming out in our industry all the time. Learning new skills also has the added benefit of increasing your earning potential.




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