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10 Tips To Landing a Spa Job

Written by Barry Eichner on November 7th, 2016.      0 comments

These 10 tips are what contributed to my selecting applicants to join my team!

The hardest work you’ll ever do in the spa industry is the effort it will take to land your first spa job.  It will require determination, focus and a lot of tenacity.  After you land your first job in the industry that you love, you will be so thrilled that you remained so dedicated. 

1.  Network

Start reaching out to anyone that you know who may have connections at a spa, let them know you’re looking for a spa to launch your spa career and ask for connections. Become a customer of a few spas that could be a potential employer. More on networking in an upcoming article. 

2.  Stay Humble

This can be so hard!  Having just learned how to build your confidence and truly accept that you’ve got a talent for providing top notch skin and/or body services.  Remember:  “Perspective is reality.” The potential employer doesn’t know your talent level; it’s up to you to humbly show them your gifts and skill set. You have to prove yourself. 

3.  Be Professional

I’ve written an entire article on Professionalism, read it a few times before you start your job search.  Make sure you are adhering to every single bit of advice.  Unprofessional etiquette in a job interview process will only lead to your not being hired. 
4.  Be Willing To Work Part-Time

Some of the best full-time therapists on my team, started off as part-time front desk or a part-time therapist.  Sometimes getting your foot in the door is the best way to show off your skill set.  If you’re truly talented and a good employee there is a definite possibility of getting promoted to a full-time position.  
5.  Have a Strong Resume & Cover Letter

I can’t stress enough how important a well-written cover letter and strong resume are to your landing a spa job. If you’re not 100% sure how create a resume or write a cover letter, pay a professional to create them for you. It’s an investment you will never regret.  At the very least be sure to have someone check for typos, grammatical errors and miss spelled words. 
6.  Drop Off Resume & Cover Letter In Person       

Unless the spa specifically says not to come in person, I highly suggest getting in your interview outfit, looking professional and going to the spa in person to drop off your resume and cover letter.  Be polite, friendly and smile when you do.  There were countless times the front desk would put a resume on my desk with a note that said, this applicant was friendly, out going and had a big smile on their face. 
7.  Brush Up On Your Interview Skills

If you’re friendly, smile and have a good handshake you’re on your way to a winning interview.  Be sure to know your career goals, have professional reasons for leaving your last few jobs, and be able to answer your strengths and weaknesses. 

(Tip: make your weakness strength, try this… “I guess my biggest weakness is that sometimes I work too hard on making sure I am doing something correctly.”)
8.  Do Your Research

If you’re looking for a job with a spa it’s vital that you know all about that spa.  Be able to discuss the history of the spa.  If the person you’re interviewing with has a bio on the spa’s website, read it and know it.  Know the treatments that are on the menu and know the product lines they carry. 
9.  Write Follow Up Thank You Notes

Rock it old school!  When you leave the interview – have a Thank You note with you that is already stamped.  Write a note of thanks to the interviewer for the taking the time to discuss the opportunities at the spa, and mail it right away. I promise the impression you will be sending to the person who interviewed you will be amazing. 
10.  Be Flexible

Keep an open mind during the job-hunting process, be open to opportunities that may not be ideal, but could lead to your desired career goals.  You may not get a position that allows you to perform your favorite treatments, you may have to work nights and weekends, you may have to travel father than you want.  In the end, staying flexible will benefit your career.

While this list is not an all-encompassing guide to finding your ideal spa job, it’s definitely a good place to start.  It can be an arduous process that requires you to be strong and confident.  In the end when a career in the spa industry is so rewarding.  Always be mindful to enjoy the journey. 




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