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3 Essential Steps To Re-Energize your Clinic in 2016

Written by Nadia McCracken on December 17th, 2015.      0 comments

How To Gain More Beauty Therapy Clients in 2016 SpaBeauty NZ Articles and News

We're staring right at a brand new year and it's the perfect time to focus on implementing key strategies to re-energize your beauty business for bigger returns and a stronger bond with your clients in 2016.

As this year draws to a close, it's time to take stock and focus on these 3 essential business steps:

1. Retain Your Current Clients – they are the foundation of your business.
2. Gain New Clients – they are the future of your business.
3. Increase Your Sales– support your team so that they know how to sell.

And, to make things really interesting (and fun), it's not enough to do one or two of the above whenever you feel like it. You have to do all 3 of these key steps, all the time in order to see success in your business. 
This takes planning...and juggling! Keep reminding yourself that any mistakes you make along the way are opportunities in disguise - that 'everything that comes to you is a gift for growth'. Just keep looking forward, not back. If you drop a ball at some point, just smile, pick it up, and carry on. Learn to be patient and kind with yourself and your team.

Business really isn't rocket science. The 3 basic steps above are as old as time, and they are all you need in order to maintain and grow your clinic. What has changed however, is how we go about implementing these 3 steps.

Today (unlike years ago), experts recommend that you involve your whole team in the process of growing your business. Doing this you will create great team spirit and your team will support your business' goals.

Without a doubt, social media and technology have also changed the way we do business these days. There is no arguing that your business is all about the touch, the personal connection, the relationship building, the intimate and the deeply human. But undeniably, our personal screens, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagrams etc. have changed the business landscape and game forever. Today, any client can share and broadcast to thousands of people worldwide literally with the press of a button, a photo or comment about her experience in your clinic or spa.  

Let's take a closer look at how you can use the 3 business steps to grow your business:

1. Retaining Your Current Clients
  • Create the 'wow factor'
Research states that it costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, so once you have them, you must find a way to create the 'wow factor' in an ongoing effort to keep those clients. However, do not confuse the 'wow factor' for novelty. The 'wow factor' simply means something that cuts through the clutter and noise to really reach and influence the client in an impactful way; the more personal, unique and original, the better. As an example, as a way to express your appreciation and loyalty to your existing clients, consider handwriting a card with a personal note from you and your team.
  • Become an expert in what you do
Ask yourself, “Is every treatment we offer exceptional and results-driven?” If the answer is no, then it is time to scrap that particular treatment from your menu or price list. Remember, it is a new year so out with the old – especially things that do not produce clear returns! Focus on a smaller number of treatments that can be customized to suit your clients, and that you are able to deliver with maximum results will position you as an expert. Think of it as a weight-loss, New Year’s resolution for your business. Cut out the empty calories and only keep the treatments that will nourish your business.
  • Find Reasons to Invite Clients to Your Space
Events will keep your existing clients excited about their relationship with you. Create events to keep these clients informed in a fun and interactive manner. Never let a new product touch your shelves without hosting a launch event. This is a stimulating and fun way to introduce what's new in your clinic; and provide education opportunity about the benefits of a new product.
  •   Reward Your Existing, Loyal Clients
Look for opportunities to thank and reward your loyal clients. Remember that they are choosing to spend their hard-earned cash with your clinic over your competitors' businesses. Don't be afraid to thank & reward them for doing so. 

2. Gain New Clients
  • Without a doubt the best way is still word of mouth
Encourage your existing clients to spread the word about your clinic – especially through their instantaneous social media outlets. This is still word of mouth, except that now it travels faster than the speed of sound (or gossip!). Personal recommendations have never meant more than today.
  • Becoming an active member in your community
Yes I know, none of us really like 'networking', but this is a key component to growing any business. Joining local organizations, volunteering to speak at women’s groups, volunteer at events are all essential, easy, fun and great ways to meet people who can potentially become your future clients. Also, other businesses participating could become strategic referral partners for your business as well.
  • Encourage & invite locals to visit you
Create a special 'locals only' card that other local businesses can share with their customers. And, you don't have to discount anything to entice them in: Instead of offering a discount, the card can offer locals an exclusive such as a free add-on treatment such as a foot or hand scrub or massage, and/or insider information on new product launches and introductions - an invitation to "be the first to know".
  • Time to get Social
Building a following on social media is essential today. There is no turning back; you need a website, and you need a Facebook page. Invite your clients to check in on their Facebook page when they arrive at your clinic. This will show up in their friends’ feed and results in free advertising for you! You can promote this form of marketing by offering a product sample to clients who interact with your business through social media. Remember to have fun with your social media pages! Post pictures of your team, your treatment rooms, and your events - make it personal. And most importantly, make it social! Remember to share skin & body care tips to ensure that you are always positioning yourself as a professional authority. Stuck for Facebook inspiration? Feel free to share or use any of our Facebook posts!

3. Increase Your Sales

The word 'sell' should no longer be viewed as a four-letter word. Although, many therapists still feel resistant and uncomfortable about retailing. It is your goal to coach them so that they don't resist and fear retailing. Keep this in mind: In order for your business to be successful these days, at least 50% of your revenue should come from retail sales. In order to achieve this, everyone in your clinic must know how to interact with clients in a way that will lead to prescriptive selling. Every staff member must acknowledge, greet, ask, listen, engage… and recommend to EVERY client that walks through your clinic door. The reality is, without the "S" word, no one gets paid. It is really that simple.
  • Set Incentives to Reward Your Team
Creating incentives above and beyond commission is a great way to spark a little healthy team competition and keep your team motivated. If your team consists only of you, then set a goal and give yourself a reward when you reach it. Your incentives do not need to be extravagant - a gift voucher, a product of choice, a day off from cleaning duties, or whatever you feel will be the best motivator are all good options. If you have strong retailers and few weaker ones, you may want to work on setting a team goal, in addition to individual benchmarks, to encourage collective teamwork and help improve the results of your slower retailers.

It is a brutal fact that clients are not booking as frequently as they did 10 years ago. This has caused many beauty clinics to drop the price of their treatments. In my opinion, discounting is never the way to go; it just erodes your brand. Research tells us that 55% of clients would pay extra to guarantee a better service.
Now is a great time to review your treatment menu, get rid of the 'fluffy' treatments that never sell and start 2016 with a fresh, exciting new menu!

Curious about why discounting is not doing your business any favours? Read more here.

Wishing you very successful & prosperous 2016!





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