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30 Years of Success

Written by Marianna Glucina on November 1st, 2016.      0 comments

About Face Group 30 Year Birthday Celebration
Spa Beauty NZ Questionnaire

Best in Beauty Winner

How have you managed 30 years?
When you love what you do the years mount up without you even realising! Having a supportive team, strong systems in place and excellent training are some of my keys to success. Another key factor in managing the growth of the business was the decision to go into business with my brother Paul. Our very diverse skillset complements one another and together we make one whole. Finally, I am very driven and always up for a challenge, it’s part of who I am – I never give up!!
If you knew at the beginning what you know now, is there anything you would change?
Not off the top of my head. Ask any business owner and they would say managing the people is the most challenging part but I have no regrets with the business decisions I’ve made and the direction the company has taken over the years.
We all know how quickly trends can change – as a business owner how do you manage trends?
I am always aware of what’s happening both internationally and nationally however I am not one to just jump on to the next greatest trend if it doesn’t fit with my ethos. For example Botox, even though it is a very lucrative part of our industry it’s not something I ever wanted to pursue due to how I feel about the holistic approach.
What makes the About Face work environment so special?
I work with an amazing bunch of women and I am so blessed to have experts in their own right surrounding me. We enjoy working hard, I believe in rewarding well and you spend such a large part of your life at work you need to want to enjoy it. I think About Face is an environment where you are encouraged to attain your personal best so growth and development of people is part of what I really enjoy the most about my business, it’s who I am.
If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who would like to start their own beauty business what would it be?
That would be “be prepared to work hard.” You will never work harder than when you work for yourself. It’s very difficult to switch off. You need to have an abundance of people skills because it’s a people business and managing the clients and your team is a pivotal part to success. So if that’s not what you enjoy doing the most, don’t do it! You also need to have resilience for when things don’t go to plan so that you can hang in there and work your way out of it.
If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who currently has their own beauty business that would like to expand and open another facility – what would it be?
It’s all about the systems and your training. Consistency is the key when expanding and your clients need to be able to see anyone on the team and receive the same level of service, knowledge and client care.


Profitable Business

Technology Growth – how has it impacted your 30 years?
Obviously it has impacted my business a lot as we are specialists in high-tech areas. We also pioneered many treatments from IPL and Omnilux Lights through to Fraxel and other lasers. I love the results that clients obtain from such technologies.
Are you goal orientated?
Yes, I’ve always been competitive and driven. Regular goal setting for me is a given.
What keeps you up at night (thinking about Business)?
Definitely staffing resources. As often happens it comes in cycles and right now there is a shortage again in our industry and we are all competing for the same talent.
What was the deciding factor to establish more ‘’About Faces?’’
It was organic. As the right business opportunities became available, like any business decision Paul and I would assess it together and make a decision. New business opportunities come across my desk frequently but unless it feels 100% right we don’t act upon it.
When did you decide to be a distributing clinic owner? And why?
It was around 12 years ago. I fell in love with the Pure Fiji brand and all it stood for: a brand created by women; it’s sustainable; supports several villages and it’s natural and good for your skin. I didn’t set out to complicate the business or my life but again it was one of those intuitive things I just knew was right. The same thing happened last year with The BrowGal and we’re seeing exciting growth from this new brand.
Who/What has inspired you throughout these 30 years and how?
It’s not one individual person but a collection of lots of people over the years. Training with Jacques Courtin-Clarins in Paris in my 20’s left a real impression on me. People like Mandy Gray (True Solutions) in Sydney have always inspired me with her marketing and creative nous. Richard Branson – I love his philosophy on how he cares for people around him within his business. My guru has always been Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) – I just love his principals. Women who have pioneered any industry are inspiring, within beauty Estee Lauder and Helena Rubenstein.
For me it’s always been around women and my personal mission is “inspiring women to grow”. Beauty therapy attracts many caring professionals who can be low on self-confidence and assertiveness and I really enjoy bringing that out in them.
What has been the most impact of change within the beauty industry these last 30 years?
Definitely the introduction of cosmeceuticals and high-tech equipment.  It’s amazing the results the two of these can achieve together – results I couldn’t have dreamt about 30 years ago!!
You are a leader in marketing, what marketing advice would you give to our industry?
Talk to your clients, find out what they need and design promotions that delight them but are sustainable for your business. Set targets with each promotion and have the point of sale/collateral highly visible in the clinic and everyone on board. Measure your results to learn for next year.
With 30 years of experience in staff management, what is your secret within leadership?
You recruit for attitude not skill set and surround yourself with people that share your values. Give them the tools and watch them grow and mentor them for success. Get to know your people and manage them individually for what each one needs.
Clients and Staff loyalty after 30 years must be strong, care to share your number one rule in creating loyalty?
Treat people with respect and always make them feel important. That works for both clients and your team.
Future, any new visions, plans for the future of About Face?
I can’t give away all my secrets! But you can be assured there will be new frontiers to pioneer and places to explore.

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