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7 Key Ingredients to Running a Successful Skin & Beauty Business

Written by Sally Wright on September 8th, 2014.      0 comments

You have to continually invest in your business to maintain success.
This includes upgrading the equipment, making improvements to the premises, understanding the ingredients contained in the products you sell and their role in producing effective results. One of the most critical provisions you will need to make is the advancement of training for yourself and staff to remain at the forefront of your chosen field. Discerning clients want to know they are being looked after by the best. Often these clients are on the internet researching the very questions they may ask you.

If you do not already have a fantastic brand that you are in love with, you need to create one or talk to the right people. This is an exercise that takes a lot of thought and effort and the brand has to be true to you. This is the foundation to your decision making in the future. Your brand dictates the way you market your business, the impression you give to your existing and new clients, and the products you will sell, also including the treatments you will perform. This brand needs to be sustainable for a lifetime, you can modify and grow this, but to be successful, the imprint must remain true.

All staff need to be relaying the same message. This means everybody is involved with the decision making at some level. This may be through staff meetings, one on one interviews and surveys. Encourage your team to contribute their opinions and ideas towards possible improvements.  The services the business provides need to be performed to the highest standard by all technicians. There will be at times, the clients that simply want to see a particular person due to personality preference but there is trouble ahead if the requests for a particular technician are due to this person providing the best service.

A Policy and Procedure Manual is a necessary way to ensure new and existing staff know what is expected of them. Each service should be outlined in an easy way, to establish the same treatment is delivered every time. This manual needs to be updated when changes are made to the services, so consistency is always maintained. Try not to have policies in place that do not get used as you may be sending the message that the protocols in place are not really that important.

Look after your clients so they do not have to go anywhere else for the services you provide. Consultation is the key here, you need to be the detective and find out your clients’ needs and wants. Be honest about what you can and can’t do. Make a future plan with your client according to time, budget and commitment level. What does your client need to do at home to ensure the service results are working best? Complete your service by making recommendations; this is what a professional will do. If you have not met your clients’ realistic expectation make the situation right, in doing this you build trust and a positive relationship with your clients and in turn most of these clients will return to your business.

Be an inspiring leader, share the business dream and get the team excited about the future. Be very clear about your expectations and only accept the highest of standards. Encourage effective communication between the team and yourself. All staff and clients are to be treated respectfully and with integrity. Give the team tasks that develop some independent thinking. It often amazes me the ideas that come forth from giving people freedom to think.

Lastly make sure the workplace has some fun. Enjoy each other’s company in a positive way.

Written by Sally Wright (Director and Specialist Skin Technician) at Juve Skin and Body,
Gisborne, New Zealand.

Sally is passionate about the skin and beauty industry and has over 24 years’ experience in this exacting business. Sally’s Qualifications include; Electrolysis ITEC London Diploma, Beauty Therapist CIDESCO Diploma, Advanced Skin Analysis/Cosmetic Chemistry, Basic Adult Teacher Training Course, Module 1-National Certificate in Adult Teacher Training and Education Level 4, Herbal Education Resources Centre NZ-Natural Health Care, Nutritional Health Care, First Aid, Intense Pulsed Light ITEC Diploma and is trained in Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo Procedures, Dermal Case Studies.
Juve won Best Clinic 2013/14 at the NZ Beauty Awards.
 Sally from Juve with SpaBeauty





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