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75 Minute or 60 Minute Beauty or Spa Appointments? - You do the Math

Written by Nadia McCracken on June 7th, 2014.      0 comments

This question is a constant debate in the industry; and one that many clinic owners and spa managers battle with. Should they be allocating 50 and/or 80 minutes for facial and massage treatments, and allow 10 minutes turn-around time? Or, should they book appointments for 60 and/or 90 minutes, and allow 15 minutes turn-around time?
In my opinion, beauty therapists should be allocated more time after facial treatments, as there is greater retail opportunities and potential. So for facials I am in support of booking treatments on the hour (or 80 minutes) and allowing 15 minutes at the end for product and homecare recommendation and education.

Massage is different.
Time money quality
Retail potential is limited with massage, so in my opinion your focus should be on productivity and rebooking. You are better off focussing on the above, than waste productive therapist time trying to retail after massages.  

Let’s look at the math of booking massage treatments on the hour versus booking every 75 minutes, and then you can decide for yourself:
Our example:
One massage therapist working an 8 hour day; minus 1 hour for lunch and breaks:
  • 7 hours gives you 420 minutes of productive treatment time
  • We will work on an average treatment price of $100
Let’s look at the math for a 60 minute treatment:
  • 420 minutes divided into 60 minutes = 7
  • Your therapist has the potential of doing 7 x 60 minute treatments per day
  • 7 x $100 average treatment price = $700 per day
Let’s look at the math for a 75 minute treatment:
  • 420 minutes divided into 75 minutes = 5.6
  • Your therapist has the potential of doing 5.6 x 60 minute treatments per day
  • 5.6 x $100 average treatment price = $560 per day
What does that mean to your bottom line?
  • $700 - $560 = $140 in potential lost revenue per day
  • $140 x 5 days per week = $700 per week in potential lost revenue
  • $700 x 4.33 weeks per month = $3,031 per month in potential lost revenue
  • $3,031 x 12 months per year = $36,372 per year potential lost revenue
This is just for ONE therapist!

If you have a team of 5 therapists, you are looking at a potential loss of revenue of $181,860 per year!
If you were confident that your massage therapists would each sell the equivalent of $36,372 per year in retail, it would make sense to allow the extra 15 minutes per treatment. But, do they?
If your clinic or spa is currently booking massage treatments every 75 minutes, you should be seeing your staff each retail the equivalent of $700 per week. Are you? You also need keep in mind that you are paying wages for those 15 minutes of lost revenue added on to every 60 minutes treatment.
Now that we’ve looked at the numbers, let’s look at a two things you can do to achieve the best results if you currently:

1. Book treatments every 60 minutes:
  • Have good systems in place to help therapists minimise their treatment turnaround time
  • Have a receptionist/ concierge take over from the therapist after the treatment to assist with rebooking and retail recommendation
 2. Book treatments every 75 minutes:
  • Set goals for each therapist to assist them with retail sales – have a product focus every week
  • Have specific products to recommend for retail that compliments your massage treatments (balms, heat rubs etc.)
In closing, I will leave you to reflect on this question:

Why do so many spas and clinics these days advertise 60 minute treatments; and only offer their clients 50 minutes hands-on massage time? Should our focus not be on offering clients better service? Or at least, should we not be honest with our clients, and state 50 minutes when that is actually what we are doing?




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