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8 Hot Tips to get Skin Fitness happening for you!

Written by Pia Kynoch | Verve Beauty Therapy on June 19th, 2017.      0 comments

Here are 8 Hot Tips to get it all happening for you!

Prioritise Yourself
Studies show that women who do are happier, and more successful! There is a fairly strong subconscious mentality running through our communities suggesting to women that they are here to serve — and this concept shapes lives. It lays the foundation for what women, especially mothers, feel they deserve, how much they should invest in their own happiness, and how much they feel the need to be a particular way for others - as opposed to allowing themselves to simply be who they are.

You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself, and you can easily pass this lesson on to the easily influenceable minds of any young ‘uns around you.

People who prioritise their wellbeing will naturally command the same respect of others, and you're also kinder to other people because you’re kind to yourself. Nice, eh?!

Do it for yourself
Studies show that people who are "externally motivated" – that is, they want to look better for other people - don't stick with it. Those who are "internally motivated" - meaning they look after themselves because they love it - are the ones who stay in it for the long run. Healthy skin, mind and body habits become your actual lifestyle, not something you scramble to do when you need to remedy a problem.

Take baby steps.
You would never try to run a marathon on day one of running training, right? As I’m sure you’ve learned, when you do too much exercise too soon you’ll end up sore, injured, and discouraged – so you need to take it easy as you get started! It would make sense to alternate jogging and walking on week one of training, then build up distance and time as your fitness progresses. Lifestyle factors such as diet, the introduction of gadgets and other professional assistance tend to follow as you get better and better – skin care and skin treatments follow the same principles. It’s always about building up cellular ‘fitness’. As your skin becomes fitter, you can progress!

Mix it up
Doing different types of skin ‘workouts’ will exercise different cell groups and components of your epidermis and dermis. A multi-modality approach always provides the best results! There’s no need to reinvent your entire routine every week, but embrace the fact that it won’t always stay the same – there are so many internal and external factors influencing the health of your skin. It is truly dynamic, and needs to be treated as such!

Mark it in your Calendar
Scheduling your workouts is not only a great way to keep you organised, but dedicated. Sit down by yourself, or with a friend, and write down what your workouts will entail, how often you’ll complete them, and possibly yourend goal. Whether or not you tie rewards or consequences to the contract, simply making your goals official will help you feel accountable,

Be patient
There are no shortcuts in skin fitness. It does take work, trust in your therapist and the products and equipment she has gathered together for you, and of course patience - enough patience to stay on track and self-control to not give into fads. Super-fast results are just temporary results and these are not worth the money if what you are after is gorgeous glowing skin that shines with health.

Bring a friend
Studies show you'll stay committed longer and really increase the enjoyment factor when you have a pal with you! By choosing a longer-term skin fitness program, you’re both automatically holding yourself accountable to something, and each other — and for long enough that it actually stands a chance of becoming a habit.

Track progress over time
so you can celebrate the positive changes! Knowing you are doing the best for your skin will really help elevate your self-confidence, amplify your self-assurance and help create your own glow!

Creating a successful, nourishing and positive relationship with your skin, face, body and mind is a true driving force of life simply because our relationship with ourself shapes our relationship with others.
Empower yourself with an expert Skin Consultation, one with a holistic approach, one combining professional and honest advice linked to education that helps you feel more connected with your skin and body. Choose a clinic that offers excellent treatments, incredible massage techniques (so vital, as massage is clinically proven to reduce chronic stress levels in the body!) and skin care containing only the best physiologic ingredients and no nasties (think no colours, fragrances, SLS, minerals oils, etc).

These powerful, positive choices you are making will facilitate the full development of the delightful partnership between your psyche and your skin, allowing you to be satisfied, radiant, happy and brimming with self assured confidence…. in other words – beautiful.
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