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Written by Pia Kynoch | Verve Beauty Therapy on March 21st, 2017.      0 comments

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Sandwiched between blazing summer and chilly winter, Autumn is the "cooling off" season that we all need. Summer is a time of high energy and full activity, whereas Autumn begins the perfect slowdown in preparation for winter – it is a time for letting go, a time to mirror nature’s cycles. The leaves prepare to release so the tree can replenish itself and return fresh new leaves in the Spring - the cycle of renewal begins.

This seasonal transition is actually a beautiful time to take a closer look at our lives and ask some gentle questions. Is our home, and our mind, filled with free flowing, positive energy and clear spaces? Is our body nourished with healthy foods, exercise, and rest? Are our relationships, with ourselves and others, filled with kindness, open communication and love? If not, what is that we need to let go of this season? Make a commitment to yourself this season to let go of at least one item, one thought, one grudge that is no longer needed in your life and exchange it for something better. Let go and experience the purest sense of freedom.

Consider this new season a time for you to recover from previous damage, all those seen and unseen environmental and internal stressors, emerging renewed and refreshed! Take some time to look after and recover your precious skin, ensuring a smooth, glowing transition into winter. Feel attractive and confident - wearing make-up or not, loving the skin you’re in, being happy, feeling positive within yourself and thereby positively impacting others.
And relax - Autumn skin care is not rocket science. You just need to abide by 7 simple principles to feel brilliant and enjoy amazing skin:
Give your skin a boost
Now is the ideal time to have a course of skin treatments. Now is a great time to love your skin! Choose an intensive series of treatments using different modalities that all encourage additional nutrient delivery to the skin, boost collagen production, improve texture and encourage a healthy natural glow.
Search only for treatments that result in a smoother, more evenly toned, radiant-looking complexion - think mesotherapy, LED and IPL light therapies, RF skin tightening, CIT skin needling, replenishing masks, gentle enzymes and serum actives. Massage also plays a huge role in boosting vitality, endorphins and circulation. Great skin treatments should include an amazing massage.
Treat your pigmentation
Autumn is the perfect time of year to utilise IPL and specific serum actives for improving pigmentation and age spots – and in doing so you will automatically look younger! Reducing pigment sloughs away years of visible damage and signs of premature skin ageing to instantly reveal a brighter, clearer and more even-toned complexion. So easy to look refreshed – results can be achieved in even one treatment! Consider for face, neck, decollatage, back of hands.
Adapt your skin care
The skin gets far more fragile at this time of the year after the numerous beatings of Summer - all that party food diet, dehydration (and excess alcohol consumption!), restless sleep, UV exposure and less exercise all add up. The holiday season is over and it’s time to get back into shape! Adapt your skin care to give more protection, more hydration, more lipids and you will immediately reduce the look fine lines and wrinkles on the outer surface of the skin, as well as reducing inflammation and cell dysfunction. The special ratio of ceramides, fatty acids and triglyceride lipids found in your skin can be mimicked by a skin synergistic moisturiser. Find products with no nasties – no silicones, parabens, fragrances, colours, mineral oils.

Remember the SPF
Yep, you’ve heard it before, simply becaus this truly is VIP! Whatever the weather outside, harmful and ageing UV rays are present - even in Autumn our UV index can still be super high. Applying SPF every day before you leave the house (yes, year round!) is a priority if you want to make a difference to the way you age – your skin really will love you for it tomorrow!
Boost your immunity
A compromised immune system will result in ongoing illness and inflammation throughout Autumn and Winter, and any illness contributes to faster ageing! Gut health is key - many people do not realise that 90% of illness stems from an unhealthy digestive system. Autumn is the ideal time to boost your immune system with pre and pro-biotics, multivitamins and omegas (particularly omega-3s).
Eat Well
Eating a variety of different foods helps your body consume the full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and fibres. And there's nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables at their seasonal best! Autumn is a time of year when the local harvest offers an enormous array of fresh ingredients to use. Try your local greengrocer, produce market or farmer's market for the freshest produce. Produce that is purchased in season is more likely to be fresher, consumed closer to harvesting and therefore higher in nutritional value. Research show many anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C, folate and carotenes, rapidly decline when stored for periods of time. Add to that the scary thought that overseas agriculture may not regulate pesticide and/or soil contamination tests to ensure land and soil quality and eating safety. Some agricultural areas have been shown to have very high heavy metal and other toxic contaminates due to industrial sites inhabiting the same area.
Drink Well
Did you know that dehydration is a reliable predictor of impaired cognitive status, learning and memory? Water, which accounts for 50-80% of your body weight, is defined as an essential nutrient because it is required in amounts that exceed the body's ability to produce it. It’s not new news that we need it! Water is required for optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients, transportation, elimination of waste products and body temperature regulation.
Are you getting enough? For a healthy adult fluid intake is probably adequate when thirst is rarely experienced and when urine is colourless or slightly straw yellow. As a rule of thumb, adults need 33ml of water per kilo of body weight every day. Signs of inadequate fluid intake may include dry mouth, headache, light-headedness, little or infrequent urination, darker coloured urine, cognitive decline and constipation. Organic teas are a great way to increase your water intake, bolster anti-oxidant protection and add in some extra immune boosting properties – try ginger, licorice, calendula or echinacea steeped in nearly boiling water for 5minutes.

One caution: beverages with caffeine or alcohol can increase urine output, making it more difficult to stay adequately hydrated.
Autumn is a joyous season, and I invite you to discover the beauty and power of self-love as the months roll on. Everyday you should fall in love with taking care of yourself, your mind, your body, and your spirit. Worry about yourself. Choose yourself. Self-care is not a privilege; it is a necessity that needs to be included in your every day. And once we embrace investing in ourselves and begin to practice self-care, the benefits quickly become apparent! And there is nowhere more apparent than your skin – it is the first and last thing you see every day. Proper care can mean the difference between healthy skin that ages well, and one that does not! It is a year-round investment, with each season offering its own impact upon your skin. Enjoy your Autumn!





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