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Brand Value leads the way in taking responsibility and showing initiative.

Written by Bernadette Soares, Brand Value Ltd on August 2nd, 2018.      0 comments

Bernadette Soares, respected entrepreneur and founder of Brand Value, is committed to being eco-friendly and making this the very essence of her business, with sustainable practices that have minimal negative impact on the environment.

‘A lot has changed over the 16 years that I have been involved in the beauty industry, driven by growing customer awareness and industry trends,’ says Bernadette. ‘However, the biggest change now is to be eco-friendly, and businesses will need to adjust or withdraw.

‘The beauty industry depicts images of nature and offers natural products to enhance beauty, but the beauty industry is a huge offender in depleting our environment. Waste is our biggest problem. The carbon emissions during the production of our beauty products are also a problem. Add to that the excessive packaging and printing, or the chemicals that form the base of most products and which make their way into our waterways. Being green is not about using organic products, it is about having the least adverse effect on our environment.’
Manuka-Hero 200x200 Brand Value is proud that their Pharo brand has revolutionized the hair removal industry by making waxing a thing of the past. The Pharo sugaring gels are sugar-based with aloe vera, kiwi fruit, lemon juice and manuka honey. They contain no solvents or chemicals. Unlike waxing, they do not require chemicals to clean up, and they simply wash off in water. The gels are great for the skin and great for the environment.

In their drive for sustainability, all the Pharo gel plastic packaging can be reused, and there is an active campaign to encourage salons to collect their empty plastic tubes and pots to send back for sterilising and reuse.
With the Radiessence brand, there are refills for their makeup in cardboard packing so that it minimises the use of plastic compacts. With all the Brand Value products they have refills so that fewer containers are thrown out in the environment.
‘Just a few years ago councils brought in new bylaws around hygiene and safe practice in the beauty sector,’ says Bernadette. ‘That was a positive step in the right direction for anyone who has ever gone to a salon for a wax and come away with a second-degree burn by a salon that does not follow hygiene and safe practices.

‘Now it is time to take their vigilance to a whole new level and look at banning some products used in beauty salons and spas, in particular, the ones that damage the environment with their ingredients and containers used.’
The use of strip wax and hot wax in salons is one of the biggest polluters to the environment and also an unnecessary major contributor to the landfills across New Zealand.

‘Thousands upon thousands used wax cartridges and used wax pots are discarded into landfills each day just across New Zealand alone,’ says Bernadette. ‘They contain chemicals that are very harmful when they get into the soil. These are solvent based and are like pouring oil-based paints into the waterways and environment. Also, the cartridges and pots when thrown in the bin cannot be recycled as they cannot be cleaned, and they take between 300-500 years to break down.’
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Bernadette Soares from Brand Value believes building a green economy is essential so that businesses produce products that are as sustainable as possible, so that the environment, all forms of life and the natural resources are protected, and our social needs and values are honoured.
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