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Champs Elysées Day Spa

Written by Sharon Williams | Champs Elysées Day Spa on March 5th, 2016.      0 comments

Champs Elysees

I joined Champs-Elysées Day Spa in 2008 and have been working within the New Zealand Beauty Industry for over 10 years after graduating with honours from National School of Aesthetics. An experienced Beauty Therapist myself, I specialise in advanced skin care treatments including IPL, Microdermabrasion, Peels and Micro Dermal Rolling. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about my role as Spa Manager and I thrive on interaction with both my staff, and the Spa's valued clientèle. I have been married to my husband, Nige, for 26 years and have 2 adult children; Kristyn and Mac who I adore.
A previous winner of 'Best Day Spa in New Zealand', Champs-Elysées Day Spa has become known as the place to go to experience the ultimate in luxurious body and beauty treatments. From the moment you step through the door, we take you on a journey of relaxation, pampering and well-being. However, this is not where our expertise ends, we are also passionate about skin health and we are committed to achieving visible results for our clients and resolving skin care concerns with a variety of advanced cosmeceutical treatment options. This means that we are able to offer the best of both worlds at Champs-Elysées Day Spa.
Champs-Elysées Day Spa has a reputation for exceptional service and I attribute this to the team of dedicated and professional therapists who are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients. I am incredibly proud of the talented Therapists and management team that I work with and who have played such an important role in creating the wonderful culture and reputation that Champs-Elysées Day Spa has become famous for.
The team at Champs-Elysées Day Spa aspire to exceed client's expectations in all aspects of their spa experience. We do this by providing unmatched customer service and by creating a journey of relaxation and well-being, from the moment a client steps through the door to the moment they leave, their spa experience is all about them and we try to accommodate their needs in every way possible. Our team of therapists have an excellent understanding of our Spa philosophy and this team culture extends beyond our clients; within the spa the team are considerate, helpful and professional to other staff members also.
Like many Christchurch businesses, Champs-Elysées Day Spa was not immune to the hardships that so many business had to face following the Canterbury Earthquakes. We have been forced to relocate twice in the past five years but we are excited about the opportunity to move forward and continue to expand our business in a very positive way. I am inspired by the resilience and strength of Cantabrians, and the team at Champs-Elysées Day Spa is no exception. We have remained strong and determined through difficult situations and now it is our time to shine. We can't share too much information at the moment but their are exciting changes coming that we know our clients will love. Watch this space...
I think it is important to make time for yourself, especially if you are in a role that requires giving all day. I start every morning with a herbal tea and Bestow Beauty products which are based on the philosophy of beauty from the inside out. I understand the importance of including breakfast and exercise in my daily routine. My skin care rituals are very simple; cleanse, serum, moisturise and sunblock. I treat myself with a luxurious Parisian brand; Matis - it feels great, smells beautiful and is so nourishing for my skin.
I'm pleased to say that when you are good at what you do and you exceed clients expectations, word of mouth can be your most effective marketing tool. Our marketing philosophy focuses largely on connecting directly and personally with our valued clientèle and building long term relationships and I work closely with our Marketing Manager to ensure our marketing plan reflects that philosophy. We do this through sending regular newsletters, running competitions, creating strong business partnerships and through interaction with our clients on social media. We also make a point of rewarding client loyalty on a regular basis and I believe this contributes to the loyalty we receive in return from our clients.

Social Media is a key part of our marketing when it comes to connecting and interacting directly with our clientèle. The transparency that comes with social media is invaluable because you can see the true colours of a business when comments and feedback are genuine and unsolicited. I am happy to say, we receive wonderful comments back from our clients which only goes to reinforce our excellent reputation within the beauty industry.
Treat others as you would have others treat you. I grew up with that philosophy and it has never left me. I try to apply it in both my personal life and in business. 

By Sharon Williams
Spa Manager
Champs Elysees Day Spa




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