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Derma Planing: Is It Just Shaving Or Is There More To This Treatment?

Written by Yolandi Jacobs on November 7th, 2015.      0 comments

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Derma planing has been performed since the 70’s by medical professionals and skin care specialists.

In some cultures from the east, the treatment has been kept a secret due to the contradiction it will create comparing a women “shaving” her skin like a man, whereas in Hollywood it has become a standard treatment amongst celebrities to create smooth, velvety youthful skin.

Derma planing is a treatment promoting a physical exfoliation utilizing a specialized instrument designed to remove accumulated dead skin cells and vellous hair in a controlled manner. The procedure is non-invasive and combining derma planing with other services, for instance, enzyme peels, AHA treatments etc. can further enhance these treatments efficiency.

Receiving training and certification in order to perform Derma planing treatments are very important as the treatment involves working with a sharp instrument and there is a potential for cuts and nicks. During training the focus should be on perfecting your technique, as there is a right and a wrong way with this treatment. By following the correct sterilisation and treatment protocols you will ensure all health and safety requirements are met for the salon and your clients.

Derma planing is a unique, safe and affordable treatment for both the salon and client, treating specific skin concerns for instance; fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and to promote general skin health. Conducting a consultation before a Derma planning treatment followed with a signed consent form from the client will ensure this treatment would be the most suitable option to treat her skin concerns. It is recommended to receive this treatment on a monthly basis with a price range between $85 -$150 depending on various factors.

Clients will experience an immediate improvement in their skin tone. The skin will feel softer to touch with a smoother appearance which makes this the ideal treatment before a wedding or special occasion. Make-up will apply and sit better on the skin and clients will also notice using less product but achieving healthier skin as the product penetration is improved. There is no down time after the treatment and Derma planing can be performed on all skin types without the potential of causing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

If we have to categorise Derma planing within the beauty industry it will sit next to Microdermabrasion.
Both of these treatments assist to remove accumulated dead skin cells in order to promote exfoliation in a non-chemical procedure. However Derma planing is performed with more precision and control, enabling the skin specialist to administer Derma planing on sensitive skins without the risk of causing irritation and inflammation. The bonus is that it will remove the fine vellous hair which so many of us just can’t stand. 

The question we get asked on a regular basis is: “will my hair grow back as a beard or become coarser and darker?”
This is physically impossible due to the type of hair which is present on the face. The hair follicle contains the DNA which is programmed to produce vellous hair also referred to peach fuzz and receiving Derma planing treatments will not be able to alter the DNA of the follicle.

Clients may experience hormonal changes during pregnancy, POS or menopause and notice more terminal hair appearing. It is recommended to treat these hairs with wax, electrolyses or laser treatments for the best results.

I guess the secret is out! Derma planing is not just shaving your face but this treatment offers an array of benefits from reducing dull tired skin to promoting healthy rejuvenated skin. No more fuzzy hair and taking your professional skin care treatments to the next level.

Rachel Hunter recently had a treatment in Japan during her Tour of Beauty TV show resembling the removal of the vellous hair or peach fuzz with a razor. This treatment is similar to Derma planing, but due to the specialised implement used, the angle Derma planing is performed at and no product application during the treatment the results will provide an advanced exfoliation treatment rather than just shaving the skin.

Yolandi Jacobs from Salon Setup Spa & Beauty Therapy Suppliers NZ Article written by Yolandi Jocobs,
Founder & Director of Salon Setup.

Yolandi is a qualified Beauty Therapist with a Diploma in Somatology. She holds an international accreditation from CIDESCO and ITEC.(Diploma in Physiatrics and Aestheticienne).

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