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Focus On Customer Service, and Clients Will Keep Coming Back

Written by Colin Clapp on October 28th, 2015.      0 comments

In a world where everything is getting cheaper, better and faster, businesses have to find new and creative ways to stand out from the crowd and convince customers that they are the best in the market. However, there is a tried and tested method that will help your business see success – customer service.

Customer service isn't really the most exciting thing in the world. It is often neglected and is one thing customers will always remember – and complain about when they have a problem and no one is helping them properly. A product might be great, but if you were served by a miserable sales assistant, or were told that your problem can't be solved with little effort given, you won't be happy.
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Here are a few more reasons why customer service is so important to your business:

Customer service = your brand: Those employees that handle customer service or have some aspect of customer interaction represent your company. What they do and say has a significant impact on how a customer views your company. Staff that always greet customers with a friendly welcome help shape a company's brand as one that is friendly. When a team is always quick to get back in contact and solve customer problems, the company brand is being strengthened as one that is onto the job and delivers a fast service. A great job will result in a customer telling a few of their friends how great your company is, a terrible or mediocre service will result in that same customer telling a lot more people how bad they think your company is.

It's easier to keep customers than get new ones: Attracting new customers costs five times more than keeping existing ones. If you don't focus on solving your customers' problems, you are wasting money. Earn your customers' loyalty by providing them great customer service, and they will be more likely to do repeat business with you – saving you money.

You'll be more competitive: Customer service that surpasses expectations gives your business an edge. More and more companies are realising that focusing on customer service distances them from their competition. If you are a small business owner, you have even more control over the customer service in your business. Many big brands can find it difficult to implement excellent customer service across the whole business as there are many stores/areas/managers to deal with.

Happy employees = happy business: If your team are happy, this will rub off on the customer. Invest in your team's customer service skills, and they will go to great lengths to fix any problems. In turn, your company will not only have the image of a customer-friendly business, but it genuinely will be one!






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