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Future Proofing Your Business

Written by Bernadette Soars on January 22nd, 2019.      0 comments

If you want to be left behind in this fast paced, ever changing business world today, just keep doing what you always do. Failing to read the trends or being too slow off the mark could slow down your business growth or worse: derail your business completely.

If you would like to succeed and ‘future proof’ your business, you need to start being more mindful and willing to consciously evolve.
It really is not that hard to do, most of us naturally evolve within our own worlds daily.

In business however, and particularly the Beauty Industry, we simply have to keep up with the trends, see them coming, and try to get in at the right time. The Beauty sector has always been and will always be one of the fastest changing sectors of the business world.

Here are a few things to consider:
  1. Definitely find your ‘niche’ - do what you love, but avoid depending on just one product or service, diversify and you will attract a wider variety of customers.They all come from different perspectives. Some look for the cheapest option, some look for the most fashionable option, some look for the most interesting option.
  2. Follow trends in other cities, and even countries that are more developed. Tap into your senses, and start identifying trends as they happen. Use the internet, follow groups and pages that you have an interest in, particularly in different countries
  3. Have a good look at you business as a whole. Think about some or even one of the things you have been doing in your business that just doesn’t work anymore, for example: think about how social media & the internet is doing away with traditional print.
  4. Learn how to listen to your customers and look at the things they are doing. Where are they buying from? Don’t be afraid to ask them for their opinion or feedback. Even if you don’t use their suggestions, it’s also nice for customers to know that you are interested in their opinions.
  5. Do watch out for external factors that may not seem to be related to your kind of business right now, but that in the future will have an impact. Do your research. For instance, at the same time as you getting in to new trends, look out for the unsustainable ones. Think to yourself: will this type of product or service be valid in 5 years’ time?
  6. Lastly, establish an environment where you can be creative & learn. Draw on your fundamental strengths, keep the strategies that still serve your business, but operate more in the present moment, so you can soak it all up, and use this new found open mind to ‘future proof’ your business.
Here at Pharo Sugaring, we have seen the coming of the eco consciousness trend, we have been listening to our customers and have been employing these new principals for several years now. We are realising that salons want to be known for using & promoting eco friendly waxing products. They want to be using a local supplier, that has a strong Green Policy, right from sourcing sustainable ingredients, to having sound eco friendly manufacturing processes. They need products that are completely natural & chemical free, that actually work.

Our packaging is totally recyclable, and we have a return and earn system in place too, so even the way we dispose of our waste is eco friendly!
Consistency in keeping up and keeping things fresh in you business, will ultimately make it ‘future proof’.
Always remember: ‘the only constant thing in life, is change’ - embrace it!

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