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Hand in Hand

Written by Dr. MED. Christine Schrammek-Drusio on May 5th, 2017.      0 comments

What do we expect of a gym membership? A firm body and perhaps a reduction in weight. So we do not just listen to the tips provided by the fitness trainer about how to use the equipment in the gym, but also make sure we maintain a healthy diet and/or get enough exercise in a home setting. After all, we will only reach our targets if we cooperate with the trainer.

Showing confidence
The same principle– cooperation between the beautician and the customer – should apply to the institute as well. Customers who come to you for skin treatment expect to experience an improvement. But lasting effects can only be achieved if the beautician and customer adopt a concerted approach. So it is imperative that you exude self-confidence as a skin care expert from the beginning of your relationship and that you make clear to your customers how important it is that they continue and add to your work when at home. You and the range of treatments you provide are the factors that complement exclusive skin care at home. When working in your salon, you use instrument-based cosmetics, occlusive treatment and special procedures to offer your customers skin care that is only possible in a cosmetic institute. But if your customers wish to achieve sustainability good treatment results, they must still apply systemic skin care that is rich in active substances in their own homes. Customers visiting your institute for the first time will receive a detailed skin analysis, which can be used to produce a realistic target agreement for individual skin care.
“Lasting effects can only be achieved if the beautician and the customer adopt a concerted approach.”

Treatment example
Diagnosis: normal skin/ tendency toward combination skin exhibiting signs of atrophy and dehydration.
Treatment target: increase in moisture content, tightening of the skin
Procedure: When selecting the care products, it is important to ensure that they contain moisturising, i.e. skin-toning ingredients. Ideal ingredients to enrich the moisture balance of the skin include hyaluronic acid, panthenol, algae, aloe vera or saccharide isomerate. Among the ingredients that tone the skin and delay the aging process are peptides, vitamin A derivatives, collagen or resveratrol. It is also essential to include antioxidants, as free radicals are significant contributors to the aging process. Q10, vitamins A, C and E or amla berries are excellently suited, as they not only capture radicals but also have other anti-aging properties.
In many cases the skin will need a certain time to become accustomed to the new active substances, so the treatments should be phased in step-by-step, depending on which care products the customer had previously used. Treatment plans are useful to achieve quick, visible results. Here, the customer will visit you in the institute for around six to eight sessions in intervals of two to four weeks. A home care plan is prepared at the same time as well. It is essential that the customer continues to use the matching care products once the target has been reached, although it is equally important to pay attention to the momentary needs of the skin, which may be influenced by the season, stress, illness or other factors.

Returning to the gym analogy: anyone cancelling their membership and resuming their old lifestyle will be unable to maintain what they had achieved until then. So a customer who turns her back on skin care at home will quickly discover that her skin has fallen back into its pre-treatment state.

A customer who comes for treatment on a regular basis, but uses little to no skin care at home, will not experience any sustainable benefits – unlike customers who consistently supply their skin with cosmetic products containing active substances. This includes the use of a care system comprising a cleansing product, as well as day, night and eye care. System care is the decisive difference compared to use of an individual cream.

  • Special exfoliation methods to remove current hyperkeratosis, to stimulate blood circulation and therefore to increase the absorption of active substances is a good way of starting institute treatment. Besides classic enzyme peelings, possible products include herbal exfoliants – with or without peeling – fruit acid treatments or instrument-based methods such as micro-dermabrasion.
  • Special treatments with instrument-based cosmetics to ensure a deeper introduction of active substances, for instance ultrasound or micro-needling, are indispensable ways of creating rapid results.
  • The use of occlusive masks – e.g. plaster, thermal modelling or special gel masks – are also advisable, as they help the active substances penetrate deeper layers of the skin.
  • Manual lymph drainage in particular is a recommended massage technique. The special movements coax toxins out of the skin and improve the passage of substances between the cells and the tissue, ensuring better supply to the skin and bringing new life to the complexion.
Special peeling methods to remove current hyperkeratosis, to stimulate blood circulation and therefore to increase the absorption of active substances is a good way of starting institute treatment.

  • Every good skin care plan is based on cleansing milk and tonic, which should be applied in the morning and evening.
  • This is followed by day care products containing moisturising active substances. An integrated sun protection factor also block UV radiation that can damage the skin.
  • Night care products containing highly concentrated active substances with anti-aging properties are then applied in the evening.
  • The morning and evening plan will include eye care products with toning ingredients.
  • An ampoule cure is recommended as it will contain highly concentrated active substances that promise rapid treatment effects.
  • Once the ampoule cure is finished, the home skin care plan should also include a serum that continues to supply the skin with high doses of the active substances. It is best integrated in the night care plan.
  • Applying a mask once a week is an ideal way of giving the skin that extra boost.
Dermatologist/ allergologist & anti-aging experts develops products and treatment methods, including the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling treatment.

Source: Beauty Forum Germany. Edition: 3/2017




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