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How Makeup Can Maximise Your Clinic's Revenue!

Written by Wendy Hill on August 17th, 2015.      0 comments

Increase your Salon Revenue with Makeup SpaBeauty NZ Articles

Constantly working to increase your clinic’s income is essential to running a profitable beauty business.

Increasing income requires you to either (a) sell more services or (b) increase prices. Retaining current customers and attracting new clients helps to increase money flow. Another option is to analyse your clinic’s current offerings and service quality to identify areas you can change and improve.

Here are some of the reasons why makeup may be the answer you are looking for!

Established relationship of trust

Women entrust the care and wellbeing of their skin and hair to professionals, and it’s only sensible that they do the same with their makeup! As professionals, it’s our job to provide guidance and advice on what is good and bad for the skin. With so much cheap makeup on the market from uncertain and sometimes uncontrolled sources, it’s vital that women are careful in choosing what products they apply to their skin. Obviously, your existing clients already have faith and trust in you, so why wouldn’t they take makeup advice from you too? Plus - it’s so much easier for them to pick up their makeup from you than traipsing around department stores or risking buying their makeup online! Not only can it be difficult to find shades to match, but often cosmetic products sold at a discounted price is near or past its best by date or is obsolete stock! Again, they can TRUST YOU to provide the best products for their needs! (To illustrate the dangers of online and bargain basement shopping for makeup, read this recent article in the New Zealand Herald which details how such products have been found to contain arsenic and even urine!)

Really caring for your clients

From a more personal perspective, despite all the how-to’s on YouTube nowadays, many women are still unsure about what makeup styles and techniques suit them best personally, and what are the most useful and suitable for their age and stage of life. This is again where you can come in - makeup lessons!! Whether it’s the young woman perhaps finishing school and needing to learn how to do a professional makeup for job interviews and the workplace, or the more mature client who may be feeling a bit lost to find a makeup that is modern but appropriate for her age - not something that will made her look like her teenage daughter, but not looking like a granny either. Again - this is where you come in! The other factor is that some women find retail counters in pharmacies and department stores a bit intimidating, which of course they don’t feel with their trusted beauty therapist!

You sell home care for the skin care

We’ve already mentioned the aspect of trust that your client has with you. They’re used to getting their skin care from you, and they know you’ll provide the right product for their skin. Why not do the same with makeup? It’s important that you recommend the correct makeup products to support the home-care skin products and treatment programmes that you recommend for each client. This ensures that you have complete control of all topical products your client is using.

Simply selling a lipstick and a foundation to one customer every week can increase your revenue by over $5000 a year. Imagine what you could do if you sold to every customer who has a treatment with you!

Of course you profit from the sales, but the flow-on effect is that customers will be more likely to come back to you because they can get everything they need in one stop! Think about the following parts of the market and analyse if you are currently making the most of the possible opportunities or if you could develop them:

Hen parties and girls' nights out:
Many of your clients will be come to you to prepare for their wedding (including facials, nails, massage etc) and very often they will be having a Hen’s Night too! Having a group makeup lesson is a fun way for the girls to get together. Or you can be the artist for the Hen’s special evening makeup.
Bridal trials and weddings:

The wedding market is an excellent one to target because not only will you do the makeup for the bride, but often other members of the wedding party will require your services too, including the bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the bride/mother in-law, and we often hear of Aunties also wanting their makeup done! (Be sure to always do a trial for bridal makeup - it’s really essential. Even if you build the cost into the package, but just make sure you do it, so that there are no surprises on the day!) Providing great makeup services to these clients on their special day can also lead to regular repeat clients.
Women getting ready for important functions:

Corporate event:
A corporate makeup event is always popular and can be a lot of fun for everyone concerned - and a real moneymaker for every makeup artist and beauty therapist!

The corporate market is another target for therapists looking to expand their makeup services. These clients are often women who have the need and the means to hire a professional for their makeup for special events. Simply chatting to them about their work can often lead to corporate work including makeup for work functions, corporate events, corporate training videos and photo business cards. (Think real estate agents.)
Keep a database and communicate with your customers:
There are plenty of easy systems available that you can use to send e-newsletters to your customers to keep them up-to-date with what you have to offer. Send out special discounts or event invitations periodically to keep them coming back. Send a letter to clients who haven't visited in several months to entice them to come back. Stay current on trends and stock new colours and products so you can offer your customers the latest styles.

Think outside the square:
Can you offer makeup lessons to local teenagers to help prepare them for the workforce? Do they have a school ball coming up? Are there women in your area who would like some general makeup and hair styling tips? Could you do a ‘Girl’s Night’ at your clinic? How about ‘Mothers and Daughters’ workshops?

You can make a fantastic profit by retailing cosmetics. The key is getting the right brand!

You need a makeup brand that:
  • Is designed for New Zealand women and New Zealand conditions (many northern hemisphere makeup brands will photograph less favourably in our Pacific light because they're designed for the bluer-based light in the northern hemisphere.)
  • Has a good performance factor.
  • Is the highest possible quality with the lowest possible additives (but not something that will go off on your shelves while its waiting to be sold, or in the customer’s handbag!)
  • Has a strong fashion edge so it appeals to the consumer.
  • Is environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.
Article supplied by Wendy Hill Cosmetics.

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