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How will the plastics ban effect the beauty Industry?

Written by Bernadette Soares on September 10th, 2018.      0 comments

Brand Value - Leading The Way In Making Beauty Green
The Beauty Industry - one of the fastest growing, revenue producing industries in the world.
It’s extremely competitive, and simply ‘containing natural ingredients’ just does not cut it anymore. Although there are so many aspects involved in this ‘Eco Friendly, War on Waste’ drive that we as humans are on, we believe there are 3 main keys to success in achieving this.

It starts with your business having a Comprehensive Green Policy, one that includes and covers all aspects from firstly sourcing natural, sustainable ingredients, secondly to the energy efficient manufacturing practices, and lastly to being Environmentally Friendly.
Pharo Sugaring is one such brand, created by Bernadette Soares, founder of Brand Value Ltd. The Pharo brand has revolutionised the hair removal industry by making mainstream waxing a thing of the past.

Chemical based waxes in layman’s terms are essentially plastic, and don’t be fooled by how even the biggest producers of waxing products around the world try to circumnavigate the truth about what this means. Used strips and spatulas with wax on them, wax pots and empty cartridges end up in landfill, and can take 300- 500 years to biodegrade, some plastics never break down. The chemicals used in the solvents used to remove wax, leach into the waterways & soil, furthermore adding to the devastating levels of pollution. It’s official, using traditional chemical based wax is out. Local councils in New Zealand are already moving towards this end and it will soon move across other councils and across the developed world.
Pharo Organic Gel pic-217-359 The Pharo Sugaring Gels are all made with ethically & responsibly sourced natural ingredients, including sugar, aloe vera, kiwi fruit, lemon juice and manuka honey. They have even developed an Organic (Vegan Friendly) Gel for salons that want to take it that one step further, with Organic Rose Water and Organic Sugar . They contain absolutely no solvents or chemicals, and unlike waxes, they do not require any chemicals to clean up, they simply wash of in water. Brandvalue is committed to research and development and sustainable manufacturing practices.
Over the last five years the company has, through radical manufacturing innovation, reduced the energy requirements of its manufacturing of the Pharo sugaring gels by over 300%.
Further, there is almost zero discharge into the atmosphere or the wastewater system in the manufacturing process, and washdown of the plant and machinery is chemical free and done with hot water.

The fibers of our unique hydroentagled strips are ‘glued’ together by water technology rather than glue making them much more biodegradable than regular wax strips. The plastic spatulas & roller heads are used once per application, they are then washed, sterilised & reused, cutting down considerably on the amount of spatulas that are thrown out after every other regular waxing treatment. The pots & cartridges are recyclable, so they can go in with your regular recycling, however you may also return them to the company, where they are washed, recycled and re-filled, and those who do this are refunded 5c for each cartridge and 10c for each pot returned.

If you consider the manufacturing processes of making chemical based waxes, the endless list of negative side effects of using chemicals on the skin, and the detrimental effect that discarding plastic & chemicals into our environment causes, you will understand clearly why choosing a brand that adheres to and honours these fundamental principles, is not an alternative anymore.

It is now in fact a MUST……
If you think about your beauty business as ethical, one of the main things you have a choice over is where you spend your money – what are you supporting when you buy?
Think of the ripple effect: you decide to ethically spend your money supporting a truly eco friendly supplier with a huge positive impact on the environment. This in turn draws in more customers who are desperately searching for eco friendly products & services, which then ultimately means that your business practices are holistic, and that you are profiting from saving the planet.
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