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Just a spoonful of Sugar makes the client relax in the most delightful way

Written by Bernadette Soares, Brand Value Ltd on February 28th, 2018.      0 comments

Gritting their teeth and gripping the seat, clients often feel the same way about epilation as they do visiting the dentist.

From popping a sedative to guzzling a glass of champagne, even the calmest of customers do funny things when trying to numb the pain of hair removal.

But if Mary Poppins was on the money, all it should take is a spoonful (or perhaps a strip-full) of sugar to sweeten the deal.

So, since we’re quoting songs from 60s cinema, let’s take a trip much further down memory lane and talk about one of the oldest methods of hair removal to date.

You guessed it: Sugaring (the all-natural sister of waxing, circa Cleopatra’s heyday)!
From the stuff you already know, it might sound sweet, but here’s four ways to grab it by the short and curlies, and sell it in your spa … without having to sing like Julie Andrews!
Plug to the petrified 500x300

1. Plug to the Petrified
Similar to its bee-made buddy, sugaring leaves the area hair free after one session. But which clients would benefit from it as opposed to waxing? There’s less heat and low-friction, so it suits those with sensitive skin, the super-young (think year-six farewell crowd), plus anyone known to scream as though they’re having a tooth pulled when wax.

Bernadette Soares, creator and managing director of Pharo Sugaring explains: “Our product goes onto the skin at 45 degrees, as compared with hot wax, which adheres at 60 degrees.

"Due to the lower temperature, there is almost no inflammation or redness post-procedure.
"The sugaring method grips only the hair, meaning that there’s significantly less discomfort felt by the customer while they’re being treated.”
Package it up 500x300

2. Package it Up
Like laser hair removal, sugaring reduces hair regrowth permanently, and reportedly resolves ingrown hair issues. With one treatment, regrowth time is roughly 4-6 weeks, but this snowballs in a similar way to laser treatments, which take several sessions to see ever-lasting results.

Since some major benefits to sugaring take time to see, try selling it the way laser therapy is often advertised: In a package of six treatments.

Bernadette confirms: “Not many spas do this, but they, and their clients, would benefit greatly by offering a price for several Pharo sugaring sessions. This would allow customers the full long-term benefits.”
Brown Sugar

3. Brown Sugar
Busy people such as bride- to-be, generally love a makeover. They tend to opt for a 'one-stop-shop', hinging on smooth, sun-kissed skin. One of the major pitfalls with waxing and laser hair removal, is that clients are prohibited from being spray tanned on the same day. Both methods leave the skin too sensitive for spray tanning, putting it at risk of a botchy, uneven finish.

Tanning is a major trump card when it comes to clients choosing between waxing, laser, and sugaring. Sugaring allows customers to sprayed right after their hair is stripped.

Bernadette explains: “The reason this is possible is that the pH of Pharo sugar and spray tanning products are compatible. Due to the fact that skin can be completely cleaned after a treatment, the lack of residue on the skin makes way for an even-tan.

"In fact, tanning the skin directly after sugaring extends the life of the tan from the normal 5-7 days, to 9 days."
Sweet for Staff too

4. Sweet for Staff Too
New staff need not be recruited to start offering sugaring at your spa. In fact, clinicians will find the technique to the treatment akin to, and often easier, than waxing –chances are they’ll be sold on the spot. “The Pharo gel, being water soluble gives the therapist peace of mind in the sense that it can be wiped away if not applied properly,” says Bernadette. “When waxing eyebrows, the special applicators allow for the precision of threading and create a very clean, crisp eyebrow shape.”

Phâro Sugaring is fast becoming a leading brand for hair removal in Australia and New Zealand.

It is available in three varieties of formulations for different skin types and made from natural and organic ingredients including manuka honey, aloe vera, kiwifruit, marine extracts, organic sugar, rose water and lemon.

The formulations are ideal for those with sensitive skin and prone to irritation from traditional waxing methods.

“Sugaring isn’t new to the beauty world, but Pharo takes the ancient art into the 21st century," says Bernadette.

"It allows therapists to leverage off their waxing training and use all the acknowledged benefits of sugaring without the messiness and hassle of the old ball method.

"Therapists love the fact that Phâro is a true sugaring gel available in pots and in an easy to apply cartridge system.”

"There are a number of differences between our products and waxes.

"Firstly there are no resins or chemicals, secondly they are easier and eco friendly to clean up and wash off in water and finally the gels are applied warm rather than hot so will not cause burning if applied correctly and will not remove a natural tan.

"The most obvious benefits that clients report are the fact that sugaring is up to 70% less painful than waxing and leaves the skin soft, clean and smooth without irritation and redness”.

For more information please contact:
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