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Juvenate Cosmedical Skincare

Written by Nikki Cockburn on November 9th, 2017.      0 comments

Juvenate’s cosmedical and cosmeceutical-grade ingredients are sourced from around the world, rigorously tested and then developed here in New Zealand into affordable, highly effective, breakthrough formulations providing instantly noticeable effects and long-lasting results.
Says Marie August, Juvenate’s creator, “I have a longstanding passion for ‘real’, natural ingredients and for formulating products that meet my high expectations. Like many women, after the birth of my second child, I became conscious of the changes in my skin, which included a loss of radiance and lack of hydration. In an effort to slow the clock and lessen the tell-tale signs of parenthood and aging, I tried almost every product range under the sun. Thousands of dollars later (and with a vanity bursting at the seams), I came up empty-handed. Dissatisfied with the products available and unhappy with my skin’s appearance this made me aware of a large gap in the skincare industry.”

This set Marie on a five-year mission of research and development, working alongside chemists, doctors and lab specialists from around the world to develop an anti-aging skincare range full of natural goodness, is affordably priced and delivers on its promises.

Products you’re proud to sell
Juvenate’s formulations are complex and effective. Starting from a biomimetic base, the range includes a number of ingredientsyou’d expect to find in a good, standard skincare range, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins C, A and E. Each product is then built up, layer upon layer, to incorporate between eight and ten high-end, active ingredients, all formulated at optimal strengths. The results speak for themselves, with clinical trials showing both immediate effects and long-term visible results, including a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and dark under-eye circles, improved skin firmness and hydration, and smoother skin texture.
Cutting edge formulations
Professional beauty clients expect much more than off-the-rack ingredients so with a philosophy of creating skincare products which meet client expectations, they’ve sourced advanced and highly effective cosmeceutical and cosmedical-grade ingredients, backed by international scientific research and used them to develop formulationsthat are breaking new ground.
Real results-856
One of Juvenate’s most popular products, the Resurfacing Eye and Lip Serum, contains an innovative ingredient not used by any other skin manufacturer in Australasia. Reflecting their passion for unique ingredients, the Juvenate range includes self-regenerative plant stem cells, cellular preservation and renewal biomimetic peptides, neuro peptides, innovative vitamins and minerals, and botanical actives – all tried-and-tested, and all ahead of the game.

Made with a conscience
Says August; “You won’t find any parabens, harsh chemicals, propylene glycol, silicones, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, petroleum, synthetic dyes or anonymous fragrances hiding in our products. We are dedicated to using only those ingredients that are good for the skin, and produced in a responsible way – that means ingredients which are vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably and ethically produced.

Smaller is better
As a boutique skincare manufacturer Juvenate manufacture smaller product batches and are in constant contact with their formulations providing the ability to quickly adapt formulations to meet changing trends. It also means that they will search the globe to find the very best in sophisticated ingredients, sourcing them individually and directly from laboratories and suppliers across Europe, USA and Australasia. “It’s a lot more work, but it’s undoubtedly worth it, and the cherry on top is our price tag”, says August. “We have consciously placed products in a price bracket that is surprisingly affordable, offering clients incredible value for money and clinics with a trusted relationship”.

Juvenate Cosmedical Skincare provides thorough product training onsite or as arranged to suit Clinic Management/Therapists. Ongoing training and support provided to ensure Stockists are up-to-date with new product releases and ingredient advancements.

Juvenate Cosmedical Skincare is currently seeking stockists who share similar values to theirs. For partnership enquiries, please call 0800 JUVEN8 (588 368) or, and visit the website at




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