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Leading the Future

Written by Sally Doubleday on April 26th, 2016.      0 comments

I can honestly say that I’ve not always been the best leader, and I can only say this as I have learnt while finding my way.

I was that young enthusiastic therapist that told everyone that “I can do it”, I was self-confident, honest, reliable, hardworking, great communicator blah, blah, blah, but was I a great leader?

Was I able to manage a large group of therapists? Of course I was, ever heard of the “Fake it till you make it”

Well that was me, don’t get me wrong on hind sight I wasn’t bad but I definitely could have been a better leader, but I knew no better.
Today is however a different story, I can reflect back to 18 years ago and be grateful for what I learnt, as they say you only learn from doing.

I have had some very inspirational people in my life that have assisted me in taking a good look at myself, the way I communicate, and the way that I follow through. They have always had belief in me, and have mentored me to self-develop.

While studying Steven Coveys “7 habits to effective leadership”, I was inspired by an exercise that we had to complete

  • List all my roles in life - from Daughter, Mother, Wife, sister, best friend, coach, manager etc.
  • Then write within my role as a Manager that if one of my employees came to my Funeral and spoke about me, what would they say??
This was to be Honest!

After writing this, I was to write the version of what I wanted that employee to write… what I actually wanted that employee to think of me….

This was the beginning for me, I definitely was not perfect, I could be a better leader, now all I had to do was figure out how.

I highly recommend you take a good look at yourselves, and ask, are you being the best leader that you can be, are you the leader of the future?
CLICK HERE for Spa Beauty Leading the future self-assessment PDF, if your game get your staff to complete it on your leadership style.

It won’t be easy, it never is, but unless we take a good look at ourselves and see how we are today, it’s difficult to move forward.

Leading the Future questionnaire is an excellent  tool to use when we are looking for a leader within our organization, “some people are born good leaders, while others need coaching and guidance” You may have a perfect leader within your team.

Leaders need belief, passion and courage to lead.
Within our Spa and Beauty industry we have very limited Management training available to us, our training schools do their best to prepare us for the world of Beauty and all that it encompasses.

The natural progression to leadership within our spa and beauty industry is following the career path from graduate to Senior Beauty therapist, however some of us miss a few of those steps and become business owners straight from training college as we choose to become sole ….

For those that follow the career path you get to observe those above you, recently we as in Spa Beauty NZ were searching for the best Boss within our industry, we can share that they all had a number of leadership skills in common, however the most common traits were their compassion, empathy, and that they acknowledged achievements, and praised their staff.
A true leader’s best practice is
  1. Lead with a Vision
  2. Connect vision to daily tasks
  3. Sets clear expectations, fixes break downs.
  4. Provides feedback, and coaches the team
  5. Cares about employees, develops people
  6. Shares personal experiences, shows how it’s done
  7. Develops strong teams, says “we”, and “let’s go”
  8. Values employees opinion’s, asks questions
  9. Makes work fun, generates enthusiasm.
  10. Rewards good performance
Written By
Sally Doubleday
If you need any help with your business, please do not hesitate to contact me at
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