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Leading your ideal team

Written by Spa Beauty NZ on August 30th, 2018.      0 comments

As staff are a key asset to any of our business it is vital for us to be jack of all trades and be an effective leader that not only leads from the front but openly communicates in an inspiring way that radiates employees to strive to be the best that they can be. So how do we do this?

We need to have very clear leadership mantras, guidelines, philosophy’s, to provide them to not only come to work and do their jobs, but be happy to come to work, in the environment that you provide, the space that they share with each other, a safe family atmosphere where we encourage growth and personal development. A space where we celebrate the day to day wins and we encourage and coach through the challengers.

Here are some key leadership qualities and rules we should follow….. 
  • Be Assessable
  • Regular effective communication that is encouraging
  • Informative yet directive with job responsibilities
  • Empathetic listeners  
  • Understanding of staff’s career paths
  • accommodating to their desires
  • Passionate in their personal development
  • Incentive driven programs designed to stimulate
  • Mentor/coach and lead from the front
For further leadership qualities, view our leadership self-rating test on our website.
In order for us to have the staff that we desire…. we need to know what we are looking for… 
  • Professional
  • Impeccably groomed
  • High performer, goal orientated
  • Team player
  • Positive attitude
  • Uses initiative
  • Independently motivated
We need to ensure firstly that we have an idea of what and who is the best fit for our business, and yes, I’m talking the above, and that their character/personality will also fit within our team.

Most business owners that I work with all complain that they cant find the right fit for their team, and that they rushed the process of finding the correct staff member as they needed staff, right there and then... and most of the time their gut told them oh she may not be the right fit, but we need her!, no they didn’t need her they needed a therapist who was the right fit. It only takes the wrong fit and your business vision becomes a puzzle with a missing piece, so the picture will never be complete.

In further discussions not only have they rushed the employment process they have also, not even thought of the perfect staff member, you need to write the qualities you are looking for in a staff member, as well as what therapies you need them to perform, as well as what additional responsibilities they need to withhold within your team.

So if you are rushing this process of employment, I recommend you stop now, write down all the qualities etc that you want this therapist to have in order to work within your business, refer to your Management Manual, pull out your job descriptions, review your business, do you need a junior (so much time needed to develop them- but you can mould them, do you have the time?) do you need a senior?, what’s the gap in staffing, what treatments need to be able to be performed in order to cover the client needs and requests? You need to think bigger picture, not just interim needs. Don’t be a reactive employer.

Do you have an active employment process or is it filed away? blow of the dust and wipe down the cob webs, and start reading, remind yourself of how you were so inspired when you started your business, you had so many wonderful ideas and a vision for your business. Take back the control and work on your business as a manger, as the true leader you wish to be.

Characters and personalities are so important to your business it only takes one negative Nelly to destroy the positive workplace balance. So, in future or today, ensure that your staff sit a personality test. There are so many, but they give you an incredible insight to what your team is made up off, and not just the obvious of strong leaders and followers, but much more information is provided to guide you in working together as a team, creating an understanding of each one’s character/personality.  Assess what qualities your future employee needs to possess, in order to fit into the team dynamics and to complete your visionary puzzle. I personally love to work with DISC personalities.

And while I’m talking characters you may as well review your team culture? do you have a written team culture of how you expect your staff to act, perform, interact etc????? If you don’t then I suggest you write one, then create an interactive meeting and include your team on what culture they believe should be in the work place. Place your team culture in the staff room to remind your team on what makes the team! review our team culture on our website.

A Team is what you need to be, but what if you have a poisonous apple amongst your team, what are you going to do? how long have they puled the team down, how influential are they on your team?
You need to ask yourself a very important question, do you need this apple? have you tried to work with her? has it worked? I have way too many stories of staff like this apple that don’t change, don’t bend, don’t try and fit in, its their way or the high way and they almost have you at ransom. Yes, they may be a great therapist, they may have a great client base, and you are probably saying you can’t afford to lose them… I don’t agree. Can you afford to keep them? There are situations where an owner has thought this but put her business and team first and guess what… once that poisonous apple left there was feedback from clients and staff of thank goodness, as she wasn’t as good as we all thought!!

So, make the right decisions for yourself and your team, but put the hard yards in, be proactive within your business, ask the right questions, choose your perfect staff member and keep positive, professional communication always.

Oh, and that reminds me to remind you not to forget, or be lazy, ensure that within your employment process you reference check and trade test your staff member. It is incredibly Vital to your business performance!

If any of the above hits hard as your reality, and you can’t seem to just move forward, we're here to help, email Sally today.
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