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Male Clients: Reliable, Low-Maintenance & High-Spending

Written by Nadia McCracken on August 21st, 2015.      0 comments

Why You Need to Consider Male Clients in Your Beauty Business SpaBeauty NZ Articles

Studies show that 89% of Kiwi blokes make an effort these days to improve their appearance,
with body hair removal at the top of the grooming list. 

Men no longer consider the suggestion of getting a manicure or a back wax as some sort of threat to their masculinity; and booking in for a massage is considered a good way to unwind after a stressful business week.

Caci's Clinical Adviser Jackie Smith says that even though Kiwi men are still shy about their friends and work colleagues knowing that they spend money on beauty or appearance treatments, they're not afraid to spend. "Men tend to have a bigger budget compared to woman, and they're not reluctant to spend," Jackie explains. "Once they've decided to spend on themselves they don't seem to struggle with the guilt that women do". 

Hady Wenham, Forme Day Spas' Founder & Managing Director shares: "Traditionally there has been a stigma that a guy is a bit of a 'blouse' if he takes care of himself, but the tide is turning. Men deserve to feel good about their appearance just as much as women. We are not talking about a pamper-palace experience here, but about results-orientated treatments."

Hady explains that it all comes down to trust: "Men tend to be a little more cynical initially, a little more wary. When they can see that you are a professional who knows what you are talking about and can back up your claims with facts, they tend to be fantastic clients that are loyal and do what is recommended. They are less likely to be influenced [than women] by the latest fad. Like anyone, if men can see a benefit and believe we can deliver results they are receptive to most things - well, besides painted nails." 

Dr Joanna Romanowska from Clinic 42 in Epsom says that "Men and women have different approaches when it comes to beauty treatments. Women tend to research the various options available first, while men tend to come in wanting advice on what is available and expect to get the information at the consultation. Men tend to be less demanding: they want to come in, have the treatment and get on with their day with a minimum of fuss. They are also much better at attending the follow-up appointments and following after-care advice".

Here are 3 tips from those clinics that have built up a loyal male client base:

1. Include men in your treatment menu
Having a men’s section on your treatment menu; or treatments tailored specifically for men is important. Rename some of your basic treatments with men in mind, using terms like 'executive', 'sports', and 'corporate'. Men are results-driven and like specifics, so use straightforward language and descriptions. List benefits, and include price and length of service. Don’t assume men won’t feel comfortable trying traditional treatments such as manicures, waxing, or microdermabrasion. You just have to present them in the appropriate way - it's all in the wording.
2. Create a 'male' retail space
Having a dedicated men’s product line available in your clinic or spa is vital in today’s market. Research shows that men are more likely to shop in retail areas dedicated to products just for them, so if possible set up a separate display. If space doesn’t allow for this, make sure your men’s products are easily identifiable and visible. Placing them at eye level for a man for instance, will mean being higher up on the shelf. Draw attention to your male product with decorations such a golf tees, golf ball, sporting towels or a soccer ball, just as examples.

3. Consider men in your décor, design and colour
For your salon to be 'man-friendly', keep you décor and design simple. Avoid a look that is too feminine, and definitely stay away from pink, frilly, flowery, or leopard print! You can’t go wrong going for a unisex look - anything in cool neutral shades, elegant in design, or made with natural fibres or sustainable materials. Create a no-fuss, modern, and minimalist feel to make your male clients feel more comfortable; and remember to include images of men in your clinic graphics.
Want to build a loyal male client base in your clinic, but not sure where to start?
Remember that all of your existing female clients know a man or two! Don't be afraid to ask for referrals... and make sure you reward your existing clients for doing so!  

Finally, make sure to promote your gift vouchers as great gifts for men, especially around Father’s Day (just around the corner!) and Valentine’s Day. If your gift vouchers look too feminine, create a special one just for men. Get creative and have fun designing new strategies for welcoming men into your clinic or spa. You’ll build a new client base that is reliable, low-maintenance and high-spending!




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