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Meet Spa Beauty NZ

Written by Spa Beauty NZ on February 28th, 2018.      0 comments

Spa Beauty NZ was created for you, our NZ Spa and Beauty Industry. Our goal is to provide you with tools that will inspire you.

What is Spa Beauty NZ?

This is the professional Spa and Beauty information highway, we inform, educate and provide knowledge to you the Owners, Managers and therapists within our industry.

Who are we?

We are simply Sally and Sammy, I Sally am the creator, and Sammy is the publisher, we are a great team that thrive to provide you with the necessary tools so that you are truly inspired, informed and educated within our Spa beauty industry.
I Sally, have 25 years’ experience within this industry, from the early days qualifying as a Massage therapist and Beauty therapist, through to entering the Sales, distribution and Education of Beauty therapy within NZ. I have owned my own businesses, and still do, and I have shared my experience and knowledge for years as a business Mentor. I love listening, challenging and inspiring business owners and their staff, it is my passion.

Sammy is truly special, she is dedicated and motivated to create your marketing newsletters, job listings, monthly promotions, supplier’s advertisements, feature and product articles, and daily Facebook inspirations.
Sally and Sammy 300w
Sally & Sammy, Spa Beauty NZ
Together we are Spa Beauty NZ, and we work very closely with you and our preferred Directory suppliers to provide you with the latest of everything to do with Spa Beauty, if you haven’t already, sign up to our e-newsletter to be informed.

Why Spa Beauty

Having been involved in many aspects of our NZ and International Spa and Beauty industry for many years I wanted to use this website and our other marketing channels to empower you with knowledge, and tools to inspire you to make informative decisions on products, through our suppliers directory, to know what companies are available to us, to be ahead of the game with trends, latest products, ingredients, treatments and education.

To go to one place to advertise for the perfect staff member, knowing that it won’t get lost within employment within nz, knowing that it is channelled directly to the Beauty therapy industry, sent to beauty colleges, and all inboxes.

We are incredibly proud of our Business and Marketing Tools that we provide to you through our website, and monthly e-newsletters, the need for these have been great, and the feedback has been phenomenal. We wanted to make business owners and managers lives easy, provide you with ideas and marketing concepts each month to inspire you to promote within your own business. As many of you work most of your time in clinic, these marketing tools have been designed to ease your work load. As smaller business you don’t have access to a marketing manager, but you do have access to us: Spa Beauty NZ. We offer a marketing service, we can write your e-newsletters, design the promotions, provide educational information for your clients, let us assist you with your marketing needs.  

" Thanks Team for all your support during the year",  " This wish list is such a great idea".

Our business tools have been created as a result of many years within the industry, they are tools that will assist you to make correct business decisions, such as Interview Questions, staff appraisals, mystery client forms, and many more. These are for you to use to assist in your business success.

We have created many tools and manuals to provide the blueprint to any Spa business, however they are missing a vital ingredient, which is for each business owner to personalise each template based on their values and goals, these manuals are available to purchase directly from us, they include:

Our Spa
  • “Our Spa”
  • Visions & Environment
  • Client Experiences
  • Front Desk Procedure
  • Staff Management
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Management Systems
  • Stock/inventory
  • Marketing
  • Treatment Procedures and Treatment Setups
Front Desk Procedures
  • Front Desk Environment
  • Front Desk Overview
  • Communication
  • Client Appointments
  • Group Bookings
  • Consultation Process
  • Client Feedback
  • Marketing
  • Computer Software Systems
Client Experience
  • Who are our clients? Knowing our client base
  • KPI
  • What is Customer Service?
  • Become a Customer
  • Understanding our clients – Personalities/individuals
  • What drives our clients
  • Client Education
  • Client Expectation
  • What’s our unique selling point with clients
  • Addressing special needs
  • Creating loyal clients
  • Suggested Client Reception Welcome and Farewell Ritual
  • Consultation Process
Staff Management
  • Team Values
  • Staff Team Culture
  • Guidelines to Professionalism
  • Staff Job Descriptions
  • Staff Appraisals
  • Staff Yearly Review
  • Employment Conditions
  • Payment Procedures
  • Staff Conflict
  • Staff Appearance/Grooming
  • Staff Development
  • Staff Rosters
  • Staff Leave
  • Staff Communication
Staff Recruitment
  • Recruitment Process – Start to Finish
  • Resumes
  • Interviews
  • Reference Check
  • Trade Test
  • Advertising Job Vacancies
  • Job Offer
  • KPI’s
Business Management & Inventory

  • Management Role
  • Financial Reporting
  • Sales, Operating Budgets
  • Risk Management
  • Business Plans
  • Business Reviews
  • Future Occupancy
  • Staff Utilization
  • WIG’s
  • Payroll Projections
  • Service Margins
  • Current Stock/Brand Key Identifications
  • Retail Stock
  • Professional Stock
  • Stock Budget
  • Supplier’s agreements
  • Stock Take
  • Back orders
  • Discontinued stock
  • Marketing Indicators
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • External Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
Treatment Procedures
This manual would be more personalised based on upgraded service menu

"thank you so much for providing me with my very own spa beauty Bible, it is amazing!!!"

Our personal mentoring is available to you, there is no format, its driven by you. Empathetic listening and guidance is provided for your individual business desires. Take a reality check today, how is your business performing? was this your vision for your business, have you lost your way, did it all get to hard?, where did your plans go? Let us help you get back on your right path. All attributes of the Spa and Beauty Industry can be challenging, we can guide you
through such challenges of staff management, recruitment, marketing, planning………

“Sally is a personable coach, she managers to guide me through my daily challengers, and inspires me to work on my business, my time management, is more effective, my staff are happy as we’ve created a great team culture with sally’s assistance. My business KPI’s have dramatically improved, and my awareness of my business, staff, and client needs is now my priority. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, the mentoring and guidance has been well worth the investment as my business is now a reflection of my visions and we are a team working together daily to grow my business in all aspects.”

Email us today for a consultation,
We provide this information through a few channels, have you signed up?
Monthly e-newsletter: sign up here
Facebook pages: Spa Beauty NZ and NZ Beauty & Spa Therapist
What do we provide?
  • Job listings to the industry
  • Suppliers Directory, provide a list of all NZ distributors, and a categorised list of our preferred suppliers.
  • Informative Educational training events, articles and dates
  • Industry updates of new products and brands
  • Featured articles on latest trends nz and international spas, nz distributors.
  • Free business tools, and Mentoring
  • Free Monthly Marketing tools to inspire
  • Inspirational, motivational, and funny daily facebook posts
  • Free advertising of second hand spa and beauty equipment
  • New: coming soon, beauty shop!
We look forward to working with you during 2018, and many more years to come. We thank you for your on-going support, your feedback is truly fantastic.

We aim to continue to grow Spa Beauty NZ with your help as well as our preferred suppliers, our goals are to provide you with many more inspirational marketing and business tools, our manuals will be available in conjunction with mentoring this year. Or new initiative will open its shop doors, allowing you to purchase new items to try from our preferred suppliers, and buy bulk, making your purchasing easy.

We welcome all forms of professional sharing, have a new marketing concept? new product feature, or read a great informative article, had personal experience of a great event or Education, please email these to us to share to our industry. We support many spa beauty training facilities, Beauty Tech and of course our beauty therapy association (are you in safe hands).

Have a wonderful 2018, thanks for your time.

Sally and Sammy
Spa Beauty NZ

Email Sally,
Email Sammy,
Phone: 021 732 018

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