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Multimasking - the latest trend!

Written by Britta Heilmann on December 1st, 2017.      0 comments

Effective and targeted
The latest trend is for the second or third mask. What to do if the skin has different needs at the same time? Blackheads on the nose, dry skin on the cheeks, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation on the forehead - the solution is multimasking. In order to meet every need of the skin in the best possible way, it makes sense to have several masks in use at the same time, which can be partially applied.

Multimasking or Mask Layering does not only sound versatile, it is also effective, because the masks have a specific effect on every skin need:

1. With the intensive masks, which there are also exceptions for home, almost all skin needs can be covered: moisture, smoothing, brightening, sebum control and sedation. And there are masks to measure: smoother, purer, dull or even. No matter what your skin needs - there is a solution - often medically inspired and with dermatologically proven skin tolerance.

2. Impure skin : "Clear and detox" - Anti-inflammatory, matting active ingredients are used in masks to clarify and clean the T-zone- because that's where blemishes are most often produced. We do not feel well with impure, shiny skin. For example, masks with activated charcoal can rid themselves of blackheads and inflammation in the long term. They attract dirt to the skin and clean the pores. In addition, as they absorb excess sebum, they give a matted appearance. Activated carbon masks also have the advantage that they can also be used as a detox cure - even on sensitive skin (here larger distances should be maintained, at least every 3 to 4 weeks). Used as a cure, they effectively rid the skin of pollutants and contaminants and make them more receptive to by-products.

3. Sensitive skin : "Calm skin and senses" - masks for sensitive skin are formulated with particularly low irritation and are true sources of calm even for the most reactive skin. Enriched with anti-irritant ingredients, cream masks restore balance and balance - not only to the skin, but also to the soul. Sensitive skin is reddened, tensions and quickly loses its resistance to internal and external influences. Masks with Madecassoside, barley vine extract, panthenol, zinc and aloe are suitable as a regenerating pack for irritated skin.

4. Moisture-free skin : "Moisture splash" - cheeks and forehead look forward to moisture, because only a well-moistened complexion shines and appears smooth and plump. Hydrating masks fill up the moisture deposits of the skin and are real "thirst quencher”. It is therefore advisable to use them at home in the evening or overnight. In the morning, the skin looks fresh and refreshed. Mostly, the masks are also wonderfully suitable as a summer ritual. They counteract excessive moisture loss from the sun and unpleasant skin tension. Tip: Store in the fridge for an extra freshness effect!

5. Mature Skin : "High performance care" - Anti-aging beauty programs are rich, active-substance-rich masks for demanding skin. The goal is improved elasticity and firmer contours. They are used when the loss of elasticity due to loss of collagen or hyaluronic acid. Applied on a weekly basis, these pampering extras can regenerate and visibly firm the skin. The skin gets new elasticity, feels noticeably smoother, wrinkles disappear, the complexion radiates. High-quality active ingredients (peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc.) provide extra care. In home care, these masks can also be used several times a week.

6. Hyperpigmented Skin : "Shining bright" - reducing hyperpigmentation is the goal of whitening masks. An uneasy complexion increases the estimated age of a woman. With valuable ingredients such as vitamin C, hexylresorcinol, mulberry and niacinamide, the skin reaches a whole new level of luminosity: no more gray haze, the skin radiates and is even. Light gel textures are suitable as a mask base. The active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin, without leaving a strong oil effect (relubrication). This makes gel masks ideal for oily skin with hyperpigmentation. Frequently, such masks provide additional moisture and have a refreshing and cooling effect.

TIP for the salon application:
The combination with a firming peel-off mask intensifies the anti-aging treatment. The peel-off mask is applied as an occlusive layer over the active agent mask. The drug intake is increased; the effect after treatment is clearly visible.

Britta Heilmann - The author is Dipl.-Ing. for cosmetics technology and beautician and part of the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik ​​product development team.




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