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Nimue Elemnet Barrier Cream

Written by Terri Grace on April 15th, 2016.      0 comments

I chose this product to write about as I believe not many of us truly understand the function and the magic of the ingredients in this product.

Recently at the launch of TDS I spoke about how important it is to ensure we have proper barrier protection. It is really important that the barrier of our skin is in- tact to prevent TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) as this can lead to a multitude of skin disorders.  Before effective rejuvenation can take place, we need to repair and heal the skin barrier and then rejuvenate.
Secondly, once the barrier is repaired we need to provide extra protection to the skin not only from UV light but now also Infra- Red Light. Did you know that UVA + UVB accounts for only 7% total solar energy whereas Infra -Red energy equates to 54% total solar energy.
Radiation Effects 2-590
Infra-Red rays penetrate deeper into the skin and disrupts mitochondrial functions. 
Together with UVA + UVB rays this leads to quicker solar skin ageing.
Radiation distribution-569
Secondly when the skin changes in temperature (by either being heated up or cooled down) the skin starts to produce heat or cold shock proteins. These shock proteins then lead to thermal skin ageing. Thermal skin ageing leads to capillary damage, damage to proteins in the skin and various enzyme deactivations.
These shock proteins occur when the skin increase in temperature by 1 degree and the same when the skin drops in temperature by 1 degree.  
Radiation Effects-168
So how does Element Barrier cream fit in?
This product has been designed to provide extra protection to the skin in both hot and cold climates.
It is recommended for all 4 Nimue Skin Classifications.
It is a retail product that needs to be placed on top of your day cream.  There has been some confusion about its placement:
Let’s now look at the magic the ingredients do:

1. Complex of Botanical Phytoceramides:
  • Helps to moisturise the upper layers of the skin. Ceramides make up 40% of your skin lipids in the Stratum Corneum. Ceramide levels decrease as you get older so it’s important to replace them to support barrier repair and protection.
  • Assist in the keratinocytes adhesion.
Did you know that clients who are on low fat diets or who suffer from Eczema have very, too little amounts of ceramide in their skin. That is why it’s important to replace ceramides in the skin via product.
2. Artenia Salina Extract:
  • Helps improve skin resistance to ageing shocks
  • Provides the skin with extra resistance to environmental stress
  • Provides infra- red protection
The secondary ingredients:
Protection complex:
  • Organic + inorganic ingredients. Approx SPF 8 factor
  • Vitamin C Ester: anti-oxidating + stimulates collagen production.
This product is recommended to clients who are exposing their skin to large amounts of external factors such as sun and heat, wind and cold. This product does need to be reapplied every 2 – 3 hours.
In our March promotion we have created a travel pack containing 20ml SPF 40 + 20ml Element Barrier Cream. You can now see how well they work together and should be sold together if needed by the skin.
Element Barrier Cream is also available in 100ml tube. 

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By Terri Grace
Grace Beauty

Topics: Skin Care




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