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Q&A with Tonya Crooks (aka The BrowGal)

Written by The BrowGal on October 31st, 2017.      0 comments

How do you get the perfect shaped brow?:
That is a very big question! But a great one. We believe in starting with a professional to help you find your natural face shape. The BrowGal believes in educating the customer and giving everyone the tools to maintain the best shape for their face. Not manufacturing an arch when you have an arc or a straight brow. We don't believe in stencils, threading, or cookie cutter brows. I use my background as a classically trained fine artist to create products that everyone can use, and have created steps any gal can easily follow. I have outlined some of those steps in your questions below.

How often should you pluck? :
You definitely don't want to be an "every day" plucker, but when you see stray brow hairs come in, maybe every 7-10 days you should grab and remove. But don't get in the habit of over-tweezing because that habit creates thinning of the brows over time. The new look is the bigger, bolder, thicker brow, seen all over the world. You want a healthy brow so in between your professional appointments try not to tweeze too much and overdo it. Especially over 35 years old, your brows have trouble coming in as thick, full and healthy when you are constantly removing.

What shape should you be aiming for?:
The natural shape that fits your face. Each set of brows is similar to a fingerprint. No two are the same. You want to get to know your face, your features, and facial muscle movements. If you try to manufacture too high of an arch when you have an arc or a straighter brow, you will give yourself that constant "surprised look." You can always look at a picture of yourself from when you were young to find out your natural shape if you have over-plucked over the years. Mimic that in a fuller way with the BrowGal how-to steps. Become Your Own Brow Artist.

Is it best to leave your brows to a professional or try and do them yourself?:
You always want to consult with a professional but The BrowGal method is teaches the customer how to maintain the shape with help you find in between your professional appointments. There is a big difference between a brow shaper and a brow professions/brow artist. The BrowGal doesn't believe in cookie cutter brows, but teaching and empowering you to be your own brow artist, similar to what MAC did in the 90's with makeup.

If you do them yourself what tips should you remember?:
  1. Brush your brows up to determine their natural shape.
  2. Fill in the shape with your colour of The BrowGal Eyebrow Pencil or Convertible Brow, using short strokes to emulate the look of hair.
  3. Brush through the brows again to blend the colour.
  4. Time the natural shape with the BrowGal scissors.
  5. Remove unwanted hairs with the BrowGal tweezers, in the direction of hair growth so as not to break off the hair at the root.
  6. Take one last brush through the brow using the spoil brush.
  7. Apply the highlighter pencil 1 mm below the brow to accentuate your arch, blend through with a brush or a finger, to create the appearance of a thicker brow.
  8. Apply the clear, water resistant gel to set the shape. Less is more and will wear all day!
Is there a universal shaped brow everyone should try and get or does it depend on your eye shape?:
There is not a universal shape. That is where people make their biggest mistake, especially when they get threaded or use stencils. You have to work with your natural features, natural hair growth and muscle movements. A stencil or a photo of someone else will not work; it will make your brows look unnatural.

What products should you use on your brows? :
The BrowGal starter set of a The Convertible Brow + Brow Brush or Brow Pencil for colour and then highlighter and gel will help you get started on a day-to-day basis for filling and setting your brows correctly for that red carpet look. A fuller brow makes you look healthier, younger, and more vibrant! The range of products I have created is everything I use in my shop on celebrity and everyday clients and the essential tools for a flawless brow. My number 2 pencil was created for Megan Fox because she needed colours that matched her colouring. I hand mixed my colours over 2 years to better match clients’ hair. The #3 was created for Fergie.

How should you apply brow colour?:
You want to create a clean base line on the bottom part of the brow, as a fluid line that starts at the inside corner of the eye, to the end of the brow. Then you want to brush through, and do the same for the top to create two parallel lines that intersect at the end of the brow. Brush through with the spoil brush. Go back in with the pencil or brow brush and fill in the middle of the brow for any low spots or areas of opportunity (for a natural, fuller, healthy brow look) with light hair-like strokes.

What can you use for unruly brows?:
Scissors and brow gel. For the scissors - brush your brows up in the direction of the hair growth (with the spoil brush) and very conservatively trim the tips of the hairs. Brush through again and repeat if needed. Less is more. People get afraid to trim their brows but nothing to be afraid of if you follow these simple steps. Use the brow gel to set the fill of your pencil, to waterproof your brows, or even without fill if you just want them to lie down and "behave".

What’s your best piece of advice when it comes to brows?:
Put down the tweezers. Give them a chance to grow. If they have been over tweezed and lost their way, let them grow back to determine what the natural shape is and work with that. To grow quicker use Second Chance enhancement serum from The BrowGal and talk to a professional.

My fun brow sayings:
- Brows are sisters not twins, but I like to dress them alike.
- Dress the brows during the day. Nourish/Feed the brows at night.




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