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Skin like and Egyptian goddess

Written by Denise Tuson, Beauty columnist on May 2nd, 2018.      0 comments

Smooth, radiant skin is combined in one indulgent treatment combining a delicious sugar and mousse feast. My last wax experience was at least 20 years ago and one I have not felt inclined to repeat! I was looking forward to my waxing session with Pure Skin in Ponsonby much the same way as I anticipate a visit to the dentist.

Fortunately, the Pharo Salon Sugaring System is very different to traditional waxing techniques. For a start, the unhygienic pot of hot wax is nowhere to be seen. A luxurious gold gel, which smells of delicious Manuka honey is applied from a modern applicator, and at a pleasantly low temperature.

As the gel sticks only to the hairs and not the skin, removal is much more comfortable. I released half way through my treatment that I was chatting happily about the wonderful fragrance and feel of the gel and not wincing in pain.
The 'sugar' is made from a delicious blend of sugar, water, kiwifruit nectar, aloe vera and Manuka honey. If these ingredients had been available to Cleopatra, no doubt she would have patented the recipe! Available at salons across the country and many countries around the world, this New Zealand-made natural product offers a professional, eco-friendly and natural alternative to waxing.

For the client, a further benefit is the residual product washes off with water, making it possible to go straight into the second part of the Sugar Wax ’n’ Tan Treatment.

Radiessence Instant Tanning Mousse is the perfect compliment to the Pharo sugaring. As the skin is exfoliated during the treatment, it is ready to be indulged by this beautifully smooth tanning product. Simple to apply using a soft chamois-like application towel, my skin instantly looked like I had just spent a week in Fiji. I loved the radiant, streak-free bronzed colour, which developed overnight and lasted at least nine days.

It is the easiest, streak-free and best tanning product I have ever used. The benefits of applying a mousse are evident immediately. Applying it in a circular motion, streaks are eliminated and as with the Pharo Sugar, the smell is lovely, natural and non-chemical. Bio-tanning is here in New Zealand with Radiessence.

For my second application, I followed up with the Radiessence Tan Extender, so my tan lasted nearly two weeks. Containing Vitamin E and antioxidant properties, this moisturiser nourishes the skin, keeping it supple and hydrated.
My Sugar Wax ’n’ Tan Treatment was enjoyed at a perfect time-early December. With a plethora of Christmas parties to attend, my skin looked radiant right through to the big day. Of course, I want to maintain this look throughout the year - luckily for me and everyone else, this is possible!
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