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Soul Nourishment - A-Z Wellness

Written by Megan Vanlieshout on March 15th, 2016.      11 comments

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Megan Vanlieshout has been in the Beauty, Spa and Wellness industry for  the past 15 years and has also been involved during that time in the Health industry for over 25 years.

Over the past 15 years Megan has turned her leisure hobby as a massage therapist into a hugely successful business called Pure Indulgence Wellness Spa in the busy growing rural town of Pukekohe.

Although all aspects of the industry interest Megan, her strong passion certainly lays in all areas of wellness.
Encouraging and supporting individuals and teams in the wellness industry to take care of both their minds and bodies is a driving force behind Megan. Helping women to restore balance, good health and optimal wellbeing is one of her many missions. Having become a wellness coach, retreat and workshop facilitator over the past two years, Megan has now created a new addition to her enterprise called 'soul nourishment'.This is a new programme designed by Megan and other health providers to bring health,wellness and mindfulness to our modern lifestyles.
A part  of 'Soul Nourishment' has also been designed to educate other therapists and business owners in the beauty, spa and wellness industry on how to integrate 'wellness' into their work environment and into their clients lives, creating an even better experience for our customers.
It's hip to be healthy, beauty and spa environments need to think wellness, it's a big biz and our clients are wanting to be educated on their wellbeing not just on beauty and body treatments. Bringing the mind and soul into your spa can bring fabulous new things. Megan encourages you to try it!
Megan will be one of the wellness writers for the SpabeautyNZ website and Facebook page
Megan looks forward to bringing you all health, inspiration and change with her A-Z for wellness starting soon.



Carla says ...
Megan is a very inspirational lady & one whom i suggest anyone looking for some "soul nourishment" get in contact with. I have worked with her for 10 years + now & am inspired by her. Good luck Megan!
Terese says ...
It is so inspiring to know Megan and see how passionate she is about helping others in their 'wellness' journey.
I was lucky enough to experience a retreat day with Megan a couple of weeks ago and would thoroughly recommend it as a special day to focus on yourself, a luxury most mothers don't normally get!
Looking forward to following your journey Meg's!
Shannon says ...
I have had the pleasure of being One of Megan's massage clients for the past 15 years and have seen her dreams come to life. Megan has always had our health and well being at the forefront of her ventures and her treatments always feel individualized and a real treat for a busy mum.
I have also had the pleasure of taking part in her wellness courses and again this has been a real treat and I have learnt a Lot. Much of what I learnt I still follow to this day. A truly inspiring women and a great role model
Jo says ...
I had the luxury of been on board one of Megans fabulous retreats on the beautiful launch in the Tuakau river! I found it to be a very relaxing, soul nourishing, a day to reflect and focus on myself. Some of the highlights for were the blissful massage, yoga, nutritional information, followed by the yummy healthy meals. I also really enjoyed the canvas's we made using magazine cutouts! I went home with a new focus, direction and perspective!! I thoroughly would recommend the retreat, it was a enjoyable experience to be remembered! Thank you Megan!!
Jenny says ...
I had such a great day on one of Megan's river boat retreats. As a mum of two young ones, I don't get much time for me and this was the perfect day. Every aspect was well thought out and enabled me the time and environment to work out what's important to me and how I can achieve this. I met a lovely group of ladies and had delicious food in a very relaxing friendly environment. I came away refreshed with new ideas how to manage my hectic life and to look after me😀
Holly says ...
Megan is truly inspiring and such an ambassador for women's wellness. As a working mother running my own business she has helped me combat "burnout". More importantly she has helped me find real joy in my life by re-balancing several key areas. I have attended coaching sessions with Megan and have been part of Megan's Wellness Retreats and I highly recommend them. Taking time out for yourself on on one of these retreats ultimately truly gives back to your family and friends. Thank you Megan!
Sam says ...
I was lucky enough to attend one of Megan's Soul Nourishment retreats - and as the name suggests - it did just that! An amazing day filled with relaxation, reflection, delicious healthy food and the knowledge and tools to help me to look after myself - mind body and soul!
I don't think one person left that retreat without a smile on their face and a newfound determination to take what we learnt and put it into practise.
Thanks Megan! You are truly inspiring!
Brenda Ferguson says ...
I'm sure you've all at times tried things that other People have recommended and thought "hmmm what the heck are they on about, that wasn't that great"....Well be prepared to walk away with new found energy, self preservation and a more positive out look on life, not just for yourself but others. Megan walks the talk....she is genuinely interested and caring in you as a Person and has a lot of life experience on top of her qualifications to make for a balanced, caring and focused journey. A caring, honest and driven Person who dedicates her time and energy to truly make sure that we all get the most out of life.
Meisha says ...
Megan's Soul Nourishment workshops and courses are great for getting some perspective in your life and focusing on your needs and goals. I did a 6 week wellness course with Megan and it was an awesome way to create positive changes and new habits. It allowed me to have more balance in my life and focus on things that made me happy and reduced stress. I would definitely recommend Soul Nourishment to anyone looking for a way to create positive changes!
Marissa says ...
I had the privilege to be a part of Megan's Soul Nourishment workshop and recommend it to everyone .. We all need balance in our lives and this workshop, and Megan's experience and knowledge is the way to learn how to get it ! Megan taught me how to look after both my body and mind in the best ways . This woman is an inspiration and if anyone has the chance to be a part of Soul Nourishment their life would be better for it !
Danielle says ...
Working with Megan/ soul nourishment for the last 6 months has been the best thing I could have done for myself, my family and business.
I have had the privilege of working with Megan one on one , team mentoring and being on an amazing retreat.
Soul Nourishment has taken me on a journey of self discovery,given me clarity, direction and balance in my busy world.
I am truly grateful for everything Megan has shared with me ! Giving me skills and strategies for life.
I amazed at the passion and love she gives to all her clients and I can not wait to follow Megan and soul nourishment on this amazing journey.



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