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Soul Nourishment - A for Acknowledging our Well being and our Attitude towards it

Written by Megan Vanlieshout on March 15th, 2016.      0 comments

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A,B,C's for Wellbeing

Over the next wee while I'm going to take you on a journey to becoming a  'WELL BEING' - enjoy the ride through a path of self study!

Being well and happy is truly one of life's greatest gifts.

Let's start with A - A for Acknowledging our Well being  and our Attitude towards it.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances - but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

Being well and happy in body, mind and soul is a real gift. Quite honestly, it is a gift that we have a lot more control over giving ourselves than we often care to admit.

It's all about our attitude and about our knowledge of self.  Knowledge and inspiration will drive you all the way once you have the tools and skills.

It's SO hip to be healthy and it's SO hip to care about yourself these days.

Selfcare isn't selfish - Selfcare is essential if you wish to live a full, happy and fulfilling life.

Often it's as simple as stopping and getting perspective back in your life.  This involves thinking about what you truly value most, about what truly lights your fire or rocks your boat and about what truly matters to YOU most in the big scheme of things.

Life is getting so busy, so busy in fact that we are living in a spin day in and day out.  It's vital to stop and re assess the balance in your life if you want to maintain health in both body and mind.  Our minds are so overwhelmed and so cluttered that we are making ourselves sick and unwell. 'Burnout' is the next stop for many of us, it's the biggest epidemic these days.  
Are you thinking about your well-being and actually acting upon these thoughts to make change?  Or does it just sound like a good idea at the time?
Our minds are the most powerful part of our bodies - that is what controls our thoughts, actions and our physical health.  It's our minds that drive us to move our bodies or not move our bodies.  It's our mind that has the power over what we chose to eat or not eat, it's really that simple.  Nurture your mind by stopping regularly to think about what you're actually doing next and to clearly think about whether that is the best or the right move for you at that present moment. 
We are almost suffocating our brains, they can barely fit another thing in - this clearly isn't being a WELL BEING.

A is for Acknowledging and Attitude  - think carefully about what you value most in your life and what really matters most to you in the big scheme of things.

Where to in our next column...

B is for Break It Down .. Often looking at all the areas in your life can help to acknowledge the areas that need the most attention, those that may need a little tweaking and changing.  Small change can have a huge impact!  Over the weeks ahead I'll be showing you how with my A,B,C 's for well-being.  It's a journey I'm sure you will enjoy.




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