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Soul Nourishment - B for Balance

Written by Megan Vanlieshout on April 26th, 2016.      0 comments

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Yes you're right, everything you read out there at the moment is telling us how to find balance, it's actually annoying I agree!  So I think it's back to the basics to figure out what works best for you! Read on and see what you think makes you 'tick'.

Balance - do we really ever find true balance?  Not sure we do - we just need to put strategies in place that work for us individually and use them in the best way we can for our own individual family dynamic's.
Life is a juggling act these days, ain't that the truth! Balance is somewhat difficult for the majority of us. Where do you start looking for it and how do you implement it in your world appropriately?

Before we can really start putting plans in place for more balance, we actually need to figure out how we 'tick'.  We all work in certain ways and every person has a different take on what 'balance' means to them.

They say there are two main types of personality and most of us tend to fit somewhere in the middle; although some may fall at either end of the spectrum.  These two ends are known as A & B types.  We each have our own individual way of dealing with what life passes our way.  How you deal with that, has a lot to do with your personality type.
Below are some of the characteristics of the types - where do you think you sit?
A Types
Ambitious, rushing, quick, demanding, leading, often difficult, impatient, hasty, stressed, can be loud, creative, dynamic, confident, decisive, driven, focused, at times all over the place, reactive, trying to get things sorted all of the time or get things started or finished so they can jump to the next thing - often a whirlwind but they are the do'ers and can often put their health second to their big pictures but they certainly know how to get things done.

B types
Patient, defensive, relaxed, considerate, careful, following, receptive, questioning, indecisive, quiet, thorough, tend to bottle things up, people pleasers, don't like to rock the boat, can find it hard at times to ask for what they need, more calculating when it comes to decisions, procrastination, drives themselves nuts at times when they can't decide on things, takes things in their stride and just waits for things to happen rather than getting in there to make things happen.

We can all be a bit of both, but we normally sway more to one side than the other.

Once you have a fair idea of where you sit in amongst the types and perhaps how you 'tick' and how other members of your family 'tick', it could be that little bit easier figuring out how 'balance' could work better for you and your family.

Jotting down some thoughts you have about your 'personality type' can help you to see how you function more clearly. Being honest with yourself is probably the hardest thing, as a lot of the time 'balance' is effected because of our own 'doing' and not 'being'. Just think about some of your busy days, how much do you honestly try to fit in, is it really realistic? 

For who, are you actually doing all these things for?
Are you actually needing to do all 100 things today?
Are all the things you are trying to fit into your day actually working?  Are some days just a big mess - going around in circles?

Next week it's May already so check out C for 'Clear Communication'
It works wonders where 'Balance' is concerned.





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