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Soul Nourishment - E for Enough

Written by Megan Vanlieshout on June 9th, 2016.      0 comments

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Often the first step to reducing some of our stress is realising that we actually may have control over what is actually causing some of it. That cause is very often ourselves.

These days we are getting better and better (we could argue it's worse and worse) at adding to our daily stresses. Unfortunately that is reality for most in this overwhelmingly busy life we lead. 

We are quite simply becoming our own worse enemies. We take on so many roles, roles we actually may not even want. Sadly we are actually burning ourselves out for others.  Burning ourselves out until there is nothing left for our own family or friends, let alone anything left for ourselves.

Currently a lot of our teenagers by their mid teens are starting to burn out too - why? Because they are watching and learning from us!  Rushing, busy and stressing all the time is just the norm for them to see and watching us putting higher and higher expectations upon ourselves is of course becoming apart of them also. It's down right crazy, but we are all guilty of it, it's just how life rolls in these modern times.

When you wake up that day and decide 'enough is enough' it's the perfect time (and the only time for some) to actually take check, charge and prepare for change.  

When burn out and acute anxiety hit my life with a 'BOOM' four years ago, seeing a 'wellness / lifestyle coach' changed my world!  So what does a 'coach' actually do?  Spending a session or two with a coach can really help you figure out how you want to be living your life. This is most crucial when the feelings of overwhelm and out of control lifestyles start taking over, such a common feeling by many at present.

Working through your values, goals and satisfaction levels in your life is always a good start.. You will be surprised at what you can discover when you start to 'self study'.
A coach is trained to ask you powerful questions that you may have never asked yourself before eg. What would you like more of in your life?  What truly makes YOU happy. What do you value most in your life?

Even a question like 'what do you most like doing for leisure?' can be hard to answer. When you're so busy you can't remember what hobbies or recreation type things you actually enjoy to do. Scary, scary but so exciting when you start to plan and organise life differently.

Learning to introduce more balance, how to delegate better, what makes YOU tick, how to look after yourself better by introducing 'selfcare', how to be more organised and therefore more productive, encouraging clutter clearing - these are just a few things a qualified coach can help you achieve.

Click here to view my half a dozen thought provoking questions - where are you at?

Stay tuned for the next column
F for Forward. With  Life coaching we don't look into your  past, we just help you proceed forward to the future with tools and skills for dealing with life better.  




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