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Spa Beauty NZ Experiences Tamarind Springs: Koh Samui,Thailand.

Written by Sally Doubleday on August 1st, 2016.      0 comments


The Four Steps to Ultimate Bliss 
A short description of the Tamarind Springs Forest Spa experience
  • The Welcome “Leave your to-do lists behind & enter a magical world”
  • The Steam & Dream Experience“Calm your mind, soften your skin and relax your muscles”
  • Your Massage Treatments“Combining traditional Eastern with refined Western techniques, with profound results”
  • After Your Treatments “Reclaiming all five senses as your body continues to after-glow”
Our experience

Our taxi ride for Chaweng beach to Lamai was surprisingly short, we received a very warm welcome on arrival. 

Our pr- booked treatments of Forest Dreaming were explained to us and we were invited to choose from a selection of massages treatments of which we would receive after our initial Steam and Dream experience.

Forest dreaming : 4 hours
THB 5,500 per person
Steam & Dream 1.5 hours

 On arrival, choose from one of the following massage treatments
  • Thai Yoga Massage 2.5 hours
  • Twice as nice Prakop 2.5 hours Sallys Choice.
  • Over the Top 2.5 hours
  • Classic Oil Massage 1.5 hours + 1 hour Pauls choice, inclusive of head massage.
I chose the twice as nice Prakop which is Steaming Thai herbs, tightly wrapped in cloth, gently applied along the energy lines of the body in combination with Thai massage techniques relieve aches and reenergize the muscles. This unique ancient Thai healing massage is aromatic, nurturing and is especially recommended for stiffness and joint pain.

In 2004 Tamarind Springs was singled out of the 100 best spas in Asia for 'best signature treatment' by the Ultimate spa guide for our Twice as nice' prakop treatment.

Paul chose the classic oil massage and with the addition of a Head massage this classic form of oil massage evokes feelings of tranquility and well-being. It is designed to relax the whole body. Using a combination of rhythmic strokes, movements of friction and percussion, gliding and kneading, this invigorating oil massage helps to release muscle and joint tension.
  • It is difficult to stay awake through this one! Tamarind Springs' head massage focuses on the head, but includes neck and upper back areas. A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension. It also has a rejuvenating effect and aids the condition and health of the hair, in particular when combined with warm coconut oil.

Steam Dream is...

Enjoy drifting between the forest 'Steam & Dream' and the forest 'Steam & Scrub'* areas for as long as you like: two herbal steam caves, the cooling waters of three rock plunge pools, and complimentary snacks and refreshments await you.

We were then introduced to our hostess, who took as through to a beautiful tropical hillside grove, with giant granite boulders at the edge of a forest.
The calmness and serenity of our environment was instantly magistical, we breathed in the fresh air and took in our surroundings. We were offered a refreshing welcome drink, and offered refreshments prior to our Forest Dreaming or post. We choose post treatment.

We were then guided through Tamarind Spas by our wonderful hostess, safety and care was demonstrated at all times. Paul and I were in disbelief that such a tranquil environment existed here on Koh Samui. We had never both experienced something like this before. We were anxious to start this journey.
After our tour we were guided to hand our bags here at the entrance, we were gowned in sarongs over our togs. Paul and I decided to start with the cooler of the three steam rooms, as we were concerned with adjusting to the heat. We climatized very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the steam experience. The granite rock formations in the steam room were truly amazing and the herbal scents just had us drifting from plunge pool to steam. I was seen often escaping the steam and revitalizing my body with the cool waters from the exquisite urns.
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There were four types of scrubs for us to choose, or freshly blended that morning. There were different textures, and smells. Paul and I choose to try all 4, from coffee, citrus tones, to honey and oatmeal. The cool plunge water and showers were at our dispense to remove the natural scrubs.

Before we knew it , it was time to change into gowns and start two and a half hours of massage. Our bodies were primed, glowing from the citrus scrubs, and revitalized from the exchange from steam and cool plunge pools. We felt so exhilarated in the relax area.
1 12

Our therapists introduced themselves and walked us up the tropical hillside to an oasis, a subtropical, hideaway was our next destination, where they prepared us for each of our chosen massage treatments. It was about here that I drifted into my dream state, my body feeling reenergized, my mind alert, and my soul feeling blessed. 

When I first read the forest dreaming description, I was concerned for the timing of the massage, that it would be way to long, especially after I had just steamed and relaxed for one and a half hours. 
That was not the case, I embraced it all “the magic is real. Naturally”

Every second, minute, and hours of our time at Tamarind Spring was phenominal, both our massage experiences were brilliant, our therapists extremely knowledgeable, and very skilled in their professions. Every staff member’s guest service was impeccable and exceeded our expectations.

Our experience did not stop once our massage was completed, we were invited to the café for refreshments, a combination of lite refreshments, healthy, natural treats that had our taste buds zinging.

I wasn’t sad at the end of our stay at Tamarind Spring Spas as I felt that I had experienced something truly magical and that I would be back in a heartbeat.

We encourage you to visit Tamarind Springs Spa.
Their Story: The Tamarind Springs Story

Tamarind Springs, Koh Samui’s first dedicated day spa, is the story of three individuals with very different backgrounds and talents but with a shared love for Samui’s unique tropical environment, for traditional Asian architecture & aesthetics, and a refined appreciation for a natural and wholesome way of life.

The beginnings of Tamarind Springs go back to the late 80s - it was then that we first considered how to allow visitors a natural yet luxurious stay on Koh Samui, surrounded by the plentiful plants and rocks of our tropical hillside grove. Combining our creative energies, the result was Tamarind Springs Tropical Villas – a unique collection of architecturally designed buildings scattered with maximum privacy across a large and serene hillside property. 

Never rushing our developments, we took the time to reflect and contemplate how else to enhance our surroundings and the experience of our harmony-seeking visitors. The giant boulders and natural water features, coupled with the local and age-old tradition of Thai massage, provided the inspiration for what is now Tamarind Springs Forest Spa. Slowly developing the property further, adding buildings and integrating other man-made features into the land’s existing features first led to one herbal steam cave and then two, a collection of rock pools, and our first massage sala, later adding several private massage pavilions scattered across the hillside, a Yoga sala, a large reception and café building.

The story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the many years of support, encouragement and inspiration we drew from our large community of friends, from artists and therapists, customers and staff, locally and around the world. 
Our Environmental Philosophy

Tamarind Springs Forest Spa is Koh Samui’s first dedicated day spa and a leader among green spas. We subscribe to the belief that humans are inextricably linked to, and dependent on, the web of nature, and that we should think and behave accordingly.

We developed our large hillside property, not only to allow visitors access to this diverse tropical environment, but also to preserve and protect it from more destructive alterations. We accomplished this in a gentle, low-impact manner, without imposing on the intrinsic natural beauty.

We also believe that the living world of trees and plants, rocks and flowing water are potent tools to heal disease and calm the spirit. Living in the 21st century, the man-made world and technology permeates everything we do and every step we take. At Tamarind Springs visitors can truly reconnect with the slow measured beat of the natural world in a potent environment – and find themselves nurtured, refreshed and revitalized.

Our philosophy has been reflected in our long and creative history of eco-leadership: Tamarind is the only spa in Thailand awarded the 5 Leaf eco-ranking by the Green Leaf foundation, after 20 years of placing environmental conservation and sustainability at the centre of our vision.

The awareness, behaviours and processes that drive our eco-vision have always been in place: they cover the whole spectrum of operations, from the use of building materials, electricity, water and locally sourced food ingredients, to the unobtrusive and gentle way we have developed the lush property to give our guests access to the unique Samui natural environment. 

The beginnings of Samui tourism were always about connecting with an unspoilt natural environment – a tradition that visitors, in their pursuit of rejuvenation and healing, continue to celebrate at Tamarind Springs. Read more about Our Green Path≫

Our Massage Philosophy

Our customers expect a Tamarind Springs massage to be an exceptional experience. We believe deeply in the effectiveness of quality massages, and our experiences as therapists and massage enthusiasts have long confirmed the many profound benefits of good massage. We therefore never compromise on our quality, and continuously improve and enhance what we offer to our guests. 

Since we first opened, we have selected a number of the best-known and respected massage therapies, along with carefully chosen, less conventional, but effective treatments. Our styles are inspired by eastern ancient traditions and philosophies, developed out of a rich grassroots herbal heritage and a genuine tradition of massage handed down through generations. Building on this foundation we combine the local tradition with western methods such as Swedish massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique, to suit each individual visitor’s needs and preferences and to deliver optimum results. 
We believe in results. Our massage therapists are therefore rigorously screened and trained by qualified teachers, ensuring the highest quality and consistency of massage standards, to increase their understanding of clients’ expectations and to continuously stay ahead in their professionalism as therapists. 

Another feature of a Tamarind Springs massage is that our customers and their therapists really take their time – we know the best results to emerge from extended and ideally repeated treatments, as our guests’ body and mind slowly but surely respond to the individually attuned massage techniques of the therapist.  

Advocating a holistic approach, our massages are enriched by an extended prior visit to the herbal steam caves and rock pools, which soften the skin, relax the muscles and calm the mind, and by the wholesome, tasty snacks we serve. Naturally, the serene and beautiful hillside forest setting magically influences how treatments are experienced.
The Tamarind Springs team

Managing director Kanyapha Kitjapirak is a native Samuian and in charge of operations. With her artistic sensibility and profound experience in massage training she is a driving force in the continued success of Tamarind Springs Spa and Tamarind Springs Massage Academy.

Detlef Dirksen is the architect of Tamarind Springs’ magnificent spa and homes. German by birth, he has travelled extensively in Asia and draws much of his inspiration from his knowledge of South East Asian arts and his love of this unique tropical landscape.

Shelley Poplak co-founder of Tamarind Springs is from South Africa. Drawing on her love of words, images and her background in publishing Shelley applies her creative energies to marketing.]




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