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Spa Beauty NZ Features: FOOP Distribution

Written by Spa & Beauty NZ on March 30th, 2018.      0 comments

Sian, as founder of FOOP, multiple experience in business, previously pharmaceutical, created Beautes, successful Beauty business x 3, busy mother...

Q. Why was distribution an interest to you?
Started with comfort zone, Beauty Chef, Organics for Lily loved the idea of using my beauty business and pharmacist experience to help other business owners source really great, result driven products to use with their clients to help them achieve the results they want. With my pharmacy background and knowledge of ingredients feel that gives me a really great understanding and an advantage in uncovering the true benefit a skincare range is likely to provide.

Q. As many owners have thought “why not bring in my own product” – just like you did, what advice would you give them today? Pros & Cons?
It’s really exciting looking at all of the product ranges that are coming onto the market, especially in this massive growth market in green beauty however choosing a range to distribute has it’s risks: what if the brand isn’t well received by the market? What if no one takes it on? You are left with a lot of money tied up in stock that no one wants to purchase.

Q. FOOP stands for?
Organic Original Products. Our mission at FOOP is to provide you with a COMPLETELY INTEGRATED APPROACH to beauty and wellness, so you can offer your clients advanced science-based, conscious solutions that visibly improve skin, body and mind.

Q. Now your passion for Organics, why?
I feel extremely passionate about the number of unregulated chemicals that have been used in skincare ingredients over the years that have never been tested for safety and the impact they can have on ones health. There is such a vast array of plant based ingredients which can deliver amazing benefits to the skin and I believe manufactures are now taking notice of this and gaining a much better understanding of the benefit of these natural products.

Q. What is your future?
My personal mission is to educate and spread the word that toxin free, cruelty free beauty is a better option for everyone: for consumers, animals and the planet.

Q. Mukti, why is it special?
Organic certification assures Mukti products will nourish and protect your body, enhance ecological harmony and create minimal impact on the natural environment. All ingredients have been meticulously researched and selected. They believe in potency as opposed to label claims.

Mukti have sourced the very best bioactive native Australian extracts to ensure each facial care product is fortified with a unique, synergistic blend scientifically formulated to deliver amazing results. They are a professional only skincare line, only available where skincare experts can prescribe you the best products to achieve the results you want. They offer professional sizes for in-clinic treatments which is also unique for an organic certified range.

Q. So “FOOP” is your new baby. We now know why you have chosen this “green path”, what is your next step?
To be a one stop supplier for stockists who are looking to offer toxin-free beauty products in their business. We want to keep expanding our offering of product lines so clinic owners have the option to chose toxin free, cruelty free products in all aspects of their service offering. It’s my small contribution to help keep the planet healthy for the next generation.

Q. What is your point of difference?
I believe our point of difference is that all of our product ranges complement each other so we give a beauty business owner a choice: they could stock all of our ranges to provide a complete green offering to their clients and help them do their bit for the environment.

Q. A question that is often asked for our industry is “can organic products truly deliver the results of a synthetic product range?” How would you answer this?
Absolutely. Technology has advanced so much that we can now significantly enhance the bioavailability of natural ingredients into the skin to maximise their benefits. Consumers today are so much more aware of the effects of chemicals on the skin and are demanding a safer option from skincare manufacturers.

Q. As the green movement moves forward in leaps and bounds, in fact a billion dollar business, how do we explain the cost of organic/simplified products to the consumers?
The cost of raw, natural ingredients is high plus organic skincare products have higher concentrations of good-for-your-skin ingredients than chemical based products. When you factor in how organic ingredients are grown, there’s another source for cost: Not only are organic farms typically smaller than conventional ones, but they also, on average, take more time to produce crops because they refrain from using the chemicals and growth hormones used by conventional farmers and time is money. Other costs for the manufacturer include paying for an organic certification, increased labour expenses, and the cost of companion planting for pest control. Organic farmers simply incur more costs than conventional farmers, and that cost translates to the consumer. The good news is that by using these products you liberate yourself from all the pesticide residues found in conventionally grown crops that end up in many traditional beauty products. You avoid exposure to chemicals added to skincare formulas that may have lasting impact on your overall well-being—classic example: parabens have been linked to breast cancer—and you avoid skin irritants like SLS and phenoxyethanol.

Q. Do you believe that every business should accommodate an organic range and why?
I do! The biggest growth sector in today’s beauty market is in green skincare and toxin free cosmetics. It’s what today’s consumer is demanding and the evolution of these products in terms of efficacy and results is now on par with traditional chemical based skincare brands. Therefore why would you not offer a toxin free alternative to your clients and do your bit for the environment?

Q. Injestables are beneficial, do you believe? Please share your experience
Until relatively recently, the jury was out over whether or not taking an oral beauty supplement was worthwhile. Some critics stated that any supposed goodness from ingestibles would either be destroyed by stomach acid during digestion or would pass through the system, meaning that your expensive supplement was literally being flushed down the toilet. Others state that following a wholefood diet, exercising regularly, avoiding sun exposure and not smoking should be enough to keep your skin glowing. However, technology changes quickly in the beauty industry, and the ingestibles we are now seeing are much more sophisticated and focus on using whole food ingredients which the body recognises and uses, rather than synthetic chemicals which are passed during urination. The key is looking for recognisable ingredients and extracts of real foods, rather than a synthetic cocktail - if the label reads like a chemistry experiment rather than a shopping list, it is probably best to avoid it.

A study published by The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in February, 2016, showed that the use of collagen supplements "led to improvement in facial skin conditions, including facial skin moisture, elasticity, wrinkles and roughness.” This is supported by a 2015 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology clinical trial, which showed an improvement in both skin hydration and collagen density after daily oral collagen supplements were taken for eight weeks, with the effects lasting for 12 weeks afterwards. (sorry, that’s the pharmacist in me speaking 😊)

Add to this the number of testimonials we receive from daily users who notice an overall improvement in health (especially digestive health) as well as improved skin, and we can't ignore that ingestible beauty products are becoming part of our daily beauty routine, much like a serum or a toner




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