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Spa Beauty NZ Spa Feature: Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa

Written by Spa & Beauty NZ on September 29th, 2017.      0 comments

Q. What has been your biggest challenges throughout your time owning Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa?
I think if I’m honest it would be finding enough team members. What we are looking for therapists who have a great attitude and who really can build a relationship with a client quickly. It’s so much more than technical ability, it’s communication and drive. Luckily we have a great team who love to learn and aspire to grow. Who could wish for more!

Q. What has been your most successful Marketing Campaign to date?
We run various campaigns and constantly test various methods to touch our customers. Perhaps if I look at the Viora Skin Tightening and Body Contouring machine, we utilised a variety of avenues from radio advertising, direct mentions by a chosen radio announcer, facebook posts, client evenings, intro offers, in house video’s explaining the treatment and showing treatment’s been done, a lot of before and after photography was gathered to show our clients the results we had achieved. Essentially, because this modality was very new to NZ we had to educate the customer about what we were able to provide and the benefits.
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Q. Why?
The outcome is that we have 2 therapists who are specialising in these treatments, and having started just over a year ago it became necessary for us to bring in a second machine 6 weeks ago. Viora has certainly brought in a high value offer to the business and an improved hourly rate average. It would certainly appear that our marketing campaign has been very successful.

Q. Can you share with us how many treatment rooms and staff that you employ?
We have 8 treatment rooms as well as a 6 station nail studio on the first level and a makeup lash and brow on the ground floor. We have usually 16-20 staff specialising in various areas of therapy, each with unique skills to cover all our specialist treatment options.
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Q.In 2011 Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa received 2 runner up awards, Best Clinic and Best Spa, and in 2013 you won the Best Salon marketing award. What do you think assisted you in achieving these?
A lot of planning. I think you need to be conscious of where you’re at, where you want to be, and how you plan to get there. That said, it almost never always goes according to plan, but the forward direction you commit to is the most important part of planning. Step by step you will get there. I believe you need to constantly look at how to improve your proposition, customer experience and staff experience. It’s a constant journey, one I have enjoyed over the last 25 years.

Q. Your signature guarantee is “Inspired by you”. What makes your Spa unique?
We have a number of specialist therapists, and I feel our customers have staff who then really know their areas exceptionally well. We research a lot, both inside and outside of our industry to find treatments, customer service offer’s, best business practises, etc. It’s important keep up with what’s happening in many areas. The world is fast changing, and customers are wanting to find the “extraordinary”. It’s our job to bring it to them. That’s where we work hard to have them to “Experience the difference”.

Everything we do in the spa is about our customer, their needs and wants. We create an experience with our client in mind at every step. After 25years in business Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa have developed and evolved with the market, driven by our local market, and requirements of our clients. We’ve included advanced skin treatments as well as traditional beauty therapy.

Our spa is inspired by our clients. It’s that simple.

Q. What is the future for Nicola Quinn? Any new concepts etc.?
We are constantly working on this but it’s too soon to say too much right now, there’s a lot in the pipeline. What I can tell you a little about though is that we have a new innovative treatment coming with our recently added skincare range G&M Neurocosmedics. It will be a world first and we’re super excited to launch this. Always something to look forward. That’s what we love so much about our industry.

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