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Spa Beauty NZ Spa Feature: Ratua Coral Reef Spa Vanuatu

Written by Spa & Beauty NZ on September 1st, 2017.      0 comments

1. How did you come to purchase an Island Resort in Vanuatu?
were on vacation in the Sanma province of Vanuatu in September 2016, where we not only fell in love with the natural beauty of these islands in the Pacific but also the local people. Our journey on our motor yacht took us to some amazing places around Vanuatu. We quickly became intrigued with life here. One anchorage we feel in love with was the bay of Ratua Private Island. We went ashore for dinner at the yacht club, it was one of the most beautiful and tranquil places we have ever been. We can only describe it as stepping into a fairy tale. The next day we went for a tour around the island on foot, by bike, and then Ratua truck. We were smitten and could see ourselves living here.

2. Why Ratua?
Ratua is best known as ' A land forgotten by time' It is a very special place ... it takes relaxing and peacefulness to another level. There is no air con, no glass, only wooden hinges in the 200 year old Vila's.
It reminds one of a life gone by when there were no phones, no internet, no cars, and no modern day pressures that we all contend with on a daily basis. Once you come to Ratua you don't 'want' to leave. The only way around this dilemma for us was to buy the Island and resort. We now live in one of the happiest places in the world!
IMG 0874 (002)-144  2017-06-09-PHOTO-00000465-628

3. We understand you sought guidance from Spa Beauty Mentoring to review the current Spa on Ratua. How do you feel about the changes put in place?
The changes put in place have given us confidence that we have a beautiful product that we want guests to experience and enjoy the exclusive and exotic location.
What were the exciting changes?
'The spa is now called the 'Coral Reef Spa' which connects it to the stunning coral reef of which it situated over. Guests can see tropical fish, sea turtles, and the elusive Dugong. Of course the new color scheme gives it a feeling of serenity and once again ties in with the beautiful colors in the coral reef.
New Welcome and Farewell Rituals were also implemented, along with new Consultation and Feedback Forms.
These procedures complement each other to provide an outstanding experience to our guests.

Environment Review of the Spa?
We thought we should change the location of the spa initially, commencing Sally’s 1 week on the Island with us, she undertook a detailed environment review. Appraising the spa and its current location, we went with her recommendation to keep the spa in it's unique spot on the coral reef.
2017-06-09-PHOTO-00000463 300 x 200  org-5e26041b537a5526

New Treatment Menu?
The spa menu has been revised with a new design layout and new treatments that would tantalize the most avid spa goer.

Sally’s creativeness to introduce new treatments to suit our tranquil environment was faultless. To support this, she also created a marketing plan which resulted in 12 tent cards designed and printed to display in guests rooms and Spa.

Sally trained our staff to execute the new treatments to ensure that all guests would experience the same high quality professionalism and relaxation they deserve, regardless of which staff member was performing the treatment.

Upon renaming the Spa, Sally recommended we work with the current Ratua Private Island logo and tailor it to complement our unique new look. An image of the Coral Reef in Ratua and the new color scheme was incorporated into the design.

The design options for a new logo were not limited. Sally put forward a number of designs, and from here Brett and I were able to choose our favorite

4. How did you find Spa Beauty NZ’s Mentoring?
Sally has a professional approach to staff and training. She understands the beauty spa industry given her 24 years experience. This experience shone through her knowledge of sourcing quality equipment, her interviewing process with our staff and the trade test she performed with each staff member – just to name a few.

I personally liked her directness, she is easy to talk to and bounce ideas off. Sally never let up on the project even when she was having to wait for me to get back to her with decisions.

5. Where do you see the future of Coral Reef Spa?
I don't personally work in the spa ... but I enjoy visiting the spa and seeing the new processes especially the unique Ratua welcome ritual (designed by Sally) where as a guest you get to relax with a foot soak and cool drink. It helps you to get into the right mind set to calm your mind and your body and enjoy the sensations that await you.

We want the Spa to be an experience that will leave guests wanting to come for more. A place of tranquility ... a place that when you leave you'll feel invigorated to face life again.

Brett and Leah
Owners, Coral Reef Spa
Ratua Private Island

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