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Staff are our greatest asset so we should make them feel important!

Written by Sally Doubleday on July 1st, 2016.      0 comments

Previously we have written about Leadership, and have asked you to self-rate yourself as a leader.
We continue the discussion around leadership, and focus on our staff, as our greatest Assets, and we ask you to dig a little deeper to make them feel important.
Recently we were searching for best Boss, we asked staff to nominate their boss and share why they thought they were a great boss. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of interest from our industry, or could it be that our staff don’t rate us? It would be probably safer to assume (which you should never do), that staff just didn’t get around to nominating their bosses as they were too busy. *Due to unforseen unprofessional circumstances, ''Best Boss'' was removed from Social Media*
Those that did take the time, shared a common theme, that theme being that they felt recognized and rewarded. The rewards were a wide variety of gestures and gifts.

During the years of managing teams, I have played the role of Boss many different ways, today my boss style is definitely my post preferred and I can honestly say all my staff agree, just because after 22 years I feel that I am not sitting sweet with management doesn’t mean my way is going to be your way.
However the 22 years of 
 learning and listening has certainly identified my past challengers with leadership.
You ask, so how would I best be described now…. Let my staff share..
She is always professional in the work place. Her style is relaxed without crossing the boss/employee boundaries. She rewards us with incentives, birthday treats and experiences. She is always approachable and open minded to ideas to grow the business. You feel you are in partnership with her, rather than just an employee.
So this sharing was not to blow my own trumpet, but was to identify the need to search deeper into what our staff need.
I enjoy my staff but I don’t live in my staffs back pocket, I socialize when appropriate, and we have fun, but we don’t go out often together, neither do the staff and I promise you it makes a better working relationship.
You may ask, what does it matter if I you have a strong relationship with them?

They are there to do a job, follow the rules, be consistent, reliable, honest, 
Socialising with Staff-490-218
etc, etc, isn’t that right? You should care, as strong professional relationships will be the success of your business.

We shared a leaderships proactive role in our last article, so let’s today look at what do our staff think?
  • How would they summaries working for you
  • What do they think of the business environment that you provide
  • Do they love their job?
  • Do they have pride in their work place?
  • Do they feel secure?
  • Are they doing what they signed up for?
  • Has the goal posts moved?
  • Are they being developed?
  • Are they being heard?
  • Are they cared for?
  • Are they recognized positively and rewarded with a thank you?, and do they hear it?
Employment engagement is about feelings whether we like it or not. How your staff feel and perceive the company. Owner/manager determines what pride and confidence they portray and vice versa. This is critical for employee engagement.
Feelings really do matter
  • We choose to engage in business with people we like
  • We do our best when we feel cared for and that someone is interested in our growth and development
  • When we feel good, we do our best work.
Business is always about feelings. The way we feel about something or someone determines how we behave. Our perceptions determine our feelings
When did you last ask your staff their feelings?, when was your last review with them?
Do you know there perceptions of you?
Until we change our perception we can’t change the way we think or behave. With the right environment, we can change perceptions in a heartbeat.

Today business is paralyzed by it’s over analysis of Data, are we making money!!!!!!
Connect with passion, energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement, and creativity in your business.
Just a tip...

You have to earn respect, you can’t buy it!
Be proactive, most of us have heard about the Emotional Bank account, when was the last time you deposited in each one of your staff, did they except it as a deposit or a withdrawal, as there is different meanings for each individual. Do you know your staff well enough to know what a deposit is.
Refer to our staff questionaire Business Tool to see what your staff think about you! 

Written By,

Sally Doubleday
Director of Spa&Beauty NZ
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