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Taking new-found knowledge back to the clinic

Written by Ruth Nicholson - NZ Laser Training & Beauty Tech Conference on January 1st, 2018.      0 comments

The excitement of earning a new certificate can bring temporary reward to the recipient who has now completed some professional development, gained a few pearls of wisdom and hopefully mastered or refined a new skillset, so what now?

Taking this new-found knowledge back to the clinic and implementing it becomes part of what education providers call a transfer of skills and knowledge – it is also hugely important. Maximising the transfer of new skills to the clinic or practice can be tricky, so here are a few tips and ideas to assist you with making the most from your investment in further education.
  • Host a short staff meeting where the new skills are discussed and staff are given the opportunity to ask questions to the newly trained staff member. This will give the trained practitioner the ability to pass on their new knowledge but it also gives you the chance to observe who may need to gain further development in a particular area.
  • Create an interactive communications exercise where staff who know less about something (like doing a consultation for a specific treatment) can take part in a roleplay situation. Incorporate scenarios where the new knowledge about contraindications and reasons why some cautions might apply to certain treatments, can be discussed.
  • Set up a practice day with training models who are not just blank faces or bodies to work on, but each of them will be asking challenging questions or present a difficult skin conditions for real world learning and testing out these new-found skills.
  • Use the new knowledge to do an audit on your beauty supplier to see what they know about the topic and whether they can send you anything to support your new learning. They may even have some interesting examples of studies they can send you that helps you convey these important messages and selling points to your clients.
  • Encourage staff to do some research themselves. Some millennials tend to expect things handed to them, so make them do some elbow work.
  • Use this opportunity to find out how your staff learn best. Do they need to see it in front of them (visual learners)? Do they prefer to listen to clear instructions then apply it and see if they got it right (auditory learners)? Or do they respond best when they can have a go at it themselves and the learning is more tactile (kinaesthetic learners)?
For more information on learning styles and helpful tips, check out this website:
Take the quiz to see what sort of learner you are now and read more about what NZ Laser Training does to cater to different learning styles on our Facebook page.
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