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The rise of HIFU Skin Tightening 

Written by Eclipse Skin Technology on August 8th, 2018.      0 comments

Over the past 12 months, we have found many salons and clinics coming to the realisation that technology is changing the way treatments are performed, this means a number of new technologies are being developed every year, some with exceptional results.

One technology we have been closely watching for the past two-plus years before launching our own is HIFU (High intensity Focused Ultrasound) or also known as Ultherapy. This treatment offers great results for skin tightening in problem areas like the neck, arms, face, and abdominal areas, most commonly known as a non-surgical facelift. HIFU has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of sagging skin and is based on traditional ultrasound technology with tweaks to the technology to focus the energy into fine points of contact, this technology is having a sweeping success in the UK for the last three years. Australia also seems to be grabbing it with both hands.

The easiest way to describe a HIFU treatment is to think of dermal needling. The handpiece administers small needle type points of energy into the dermis starting the process of a rapid growth in collagen. Unlike dermal needling, HIFU does not damage the epidermis so it is classed as a non-invasive treatment, it can also travel deeper into the skin than needling with most face treatments being 3-4.5mm for the face and 13mm for the body. Here’s a great video that shows how HIFU works

Each treatment with HIFU takes approximately 1 hour depending on the size of the area and costs anywhere from $2000-$4800 (most commonly $2000-$2800), we have seen prices up to $4800 for full face and neck in the UK and Australia. Generally, one treatment is performed and most times there is a difference straight away but the real results come over the next three to six months as the collagen regrows, these before and after pictures show the dramatic results with HIFU. When we bring new technology to the industry here at Eclipse a number of trials are done one being that I have to practice what I preach so after having a HIFU treatment performed on my forehead area I got great results in the number of lines that have filled out over the past two months.
before and after

As previously mentioned one of the main areas treated with HIFU is the neck area (turkey neck), which proves to be a common spot that ladies and men want to be treated, as you can see from these pictures the results are great and offer a great solution as a non-invasive treatment opposed to dermal needling that leaves an exposed “wound” post-treatment, enhancing the chance of infection. The sensation with treatment varies but is generally felt as a small rubber band flicking on the skin and afterwards there may be a slight redness to the epidermis which will subside over the next 30min to 1 hour allowing clients to receive a treatment and carry on with their normal daily duties.

Anywhere you look on the internet HIFU is gaining a huge following and getting raving reviews.
“The shape of my face changed. A lot of people ask if I've lost weight, or said that I look better.”
“I had Ultherapy 7 weeks ago in an effort to correct some loose skin on my neck after a massive weight loss. Everyone tells you how much better you will feel after you lose weight but no one mentions the impact it has on your skin. :-(. I was told not to expect much in the way of results for at LEAST months but all can say is WOW!”

HIFU can be performed by qualified beauticians, doctors and nurses and is safe when performed with the correct machine and full training, with very minimal contraindications and no damage to the epidermis it shows why HIFU is creating a change in skin tightening treatments.

Like all machines, there are always factors to take into consideration when looking at introducing them to your salon. If you have any questions or would like to find out more please feel free to get in touch with us at Eclipse Skin Technology or visit, we would love to help.
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