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Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for beauty Salons

Written by Lockhartmeyer on February 8th, 2017.      0 comments

1. Find a Valentine’s (marketing) partner

Team up with like-minded local businesses and market jointly using social media competitions, giveaways, in-salon raffles, leaflets and offers.

Why? Because:

  • The prizes are more enticing
  • You split the promotional costs
  • You piggy-back on each other’s customer base

Look for local businesses that serve the same target audiences as you. Florists, card shops, cake retailers, photographers, restaurants and jewellers – they all make great Valentine marketing partners for a hair or beauty salon.

And you can line them up for Mother’s Day too whilst you’re at it. 

So you’ve lined up some local partners. Now what? How do you get the word out on the street?

Easy. You hand out their offer cards/promotions to each of your clients at your till, and they do likewise to their customers. While you’re at it, pop their offer on your salon website and salon social media, then ask them to return the compliment.

Just make sure it’s win-win for both business partners.

2. Salon social media ideas for Valentine’s

Use Valentine’s Day as the excuse for a marketing fest throughout February; don’t just focus your social media efforts on the 14th itself. Use Facebook and your other salon social channels to build the marketing momentum. You’ll get a far better return on your time, effort and money.

Try a mixture of giveaways, quizzes, makeovers and competitions, all with a ‘love and hearts’ theme.

#Valentine hashtag will help spread the word too.

3. Endless (email) Love

When running social media competitions always collect email addresses (rather than likes, comments or follows) so you gain a new bank of potential clients to market to, and attract into your salon. You may need professional help to set up the email collection system, but the results are well worth it.

In this post I look at how to coax email addresses out of even the most awkward clients.

Building your own email database is one of the most valuable salon marketing activities you can do. Here’s why… your Facebook posts only reach a teeny-weeny proportion of your followers. With email marketing your Valentine message pops straight into everyone’s inbox. It eliminates that hit and miss element.

Perfect. You know exactly who has read it and what action they’ve taken.

Your email database is yours. And yours alone.

Google and Facebook constantly change the rules, which affects how many people your marketing messages reach. But with email marketing you’re calling the shots. You’re in control. You know when you hit ‘send’ that your Valentine marketing message will be delivered.

For best results:

Email is much more targeted and effective marketing tool for delivering your salon marketing message than social media. The latter’s best for engagement. Play Cupid, and put the two together for a Valentine marketing partnership made in heaven.

4. “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

Continue the ‘month of love’ idea and thank your loyal clients.

It’s too easy to overlook them in the frenzied quest for new clients. Yet one of the chief reasons loyal clients leave a salon is because they feel unappreciated. So show them some love this Valentines.

Here are a few ideas…

[1] Give them a Valentine’s gift without asking for anything in return. (That last bit is important. Take note.)

How about a free sample, an up-trade treatment or a hair or beauty Gift Card? Ask your suppliers for some free give-aways or freebie treatments.

[2] Email loyal clients thanking them for their business and offer them a Valentine discount for the quieter days of the week throughout the month. February can be pretty quiet in salon, especially early week.

Just think carefully about terms and conditions – which team members you include and what services.

[3] Surprise clients on the 14th itself with complimentary chocolates and fizz in salon.

Watching the pennies? Buy your chocolates now while the shops are selling the Christmas stock off at bargain basement prices. No-one will ever know…

[4] You could double the rewards on your loyalty scheme on St Valentine’s Day itself. Or on retail purchases during February. Or on selected hair or beauty treatments.

[5] Send Valentine flowers to your loveliest and best top 5 clients. Perhaps the ones who have been visiting your salon longest or who spent the most last year?

If you work out how much each one has spent with your hair or beauty business over the years you’ll realise it’s the least they deserve.

[6] Choose your salon playlist with care. Or go one better and make a statement with some romantically-themed live music. Pop a video on social for maximum effect.

Interested in “wowing” clients? You’ll find a few more ideas here.

5. Salon retail (therapy) for Valentine’s Day
[1] Make the most of your free advertising opportunity. Your windows.

I know I bang on about it. But just think what it would cost for a billboard that size in town to market your retail and advertise your Valentine promotions.

[2] Continue the passion theme with a basket of red and pink impulse buys on your reception desk. Lipsticks, nail polishes and coloured hair accessories would hit the spot.

[3] And don’t forget to display your Gift Cards prominently too. You’ll find more ideas for selling salon Gift Cards here.

[4] Include free delivery or complimentary gift wrapping
6. A forgotten Valentine audience

Don’t overlook the significant part of the population who may be feeling a tad left out on the 14th. And unloved.

Give singles a reason to spoil themselves and celebrate their independent status. They’ll love you for it. I’ve included some suitable quotes in my free Cheat Sheet which will work well on your Facebook.

Think along the lines of pampering events, gift card offers, retail promotions – all for singles only and throughout the month of February. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like some serious retail therapy and a glass of fizz to lift the Valentine spirits.

“Just remember. Make fun and ‘ME’ the focus. Not Cupid.”

 7. Attract new salon clients with a Valentine’s offer

Word of mouth remains one of the best ways to find new hair and beauty clients. Put a Valentine’s Day spin on your usual ‘Recommend a Friend’ marketing and drum up some new business.

Throughout February hand out romance-themed cards to your clients and ask them to give the card to “someone you love”.

The cards offer a salon discount to new clients and reward the loyal client – so just the same as your usual ‘Recommend a Friend’ offer, but with a sweeter approach. Words matter. It feels less hard-sell to be asked to give someone a chance to save money, rather than be asked to recommend.


8. Market your salon and support a local charity – all for Valentine’s

“Show you have a heart” and help your local community throughout the month. Raise funds for a local charity for Valentine’s Day.

This will give you plenty of marketing opportunities to promote the fundraising events in salon, on your website and social media, in the local press and your e-newsletter.

If you want to make it into the local papers then think about making your story newsworthy – here’s how to write a salon press release and tips on making your story interesting for journalists.

Valentine’s Day will come and go. But keep marketing to your beauty clients throughout February to make the most of Cupid.





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