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What is NO HANDS® Massage?

Written by Michelle Gray on March 31st, 2017.      0 comments

Why I chose 'No Hands Massage

I have been in the Beauty Therapy industry for 18 years now and still enjoy my work very much. I have always been drawn more to the Holistic therapy including Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and Reflexology.

Over the years I have performed many types of massage sometimes 4-5 a day and at the end of the day I often felt exhausted and bruised. I decided that I needed to change as my back, wrists and thumbs were hurting and also because I wanted to bring more to the table as a therapist. I spoke to my friend in the UK, Jane Cassidy who is now a licensed NO HANDS® Massage Practitioner and she told me this is what I need to do. I was very curious and a few months later I had booked the course for Transforming Touch (TT) which is their flagship first level course.  

I arrived at the course and like all therapists could not wait to get on the table. The touch was simply amazing and I wanted more, which I did for 3 days.  After 3 days of NO HANDS® Massage I was blown away and this is when I knew that I would be bringing this to New Zealand. It was only after attending this training that I became aware of all the work that Gerry Pyves has done in recording the alarmingly high incidence of injury to members of our profession (see his chart below). Gerry is driven by a passion to protect the careers of Massage therapists all over the world and do everything he can to help them bring powerful healing touch to a touch starved world..

What is no hands massage?

If you are new to NO HANDS® Massage you may already be wondering how it works if the hands are not used.NO HANDS® Massage is deep, relaxing, rejuvenating and nourishing; it is a dynamic form of massage that is sweeping the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic treatments available.  It combines some of the most powerful healing and therapeutic elements of touch and this induces as much emotional and mental wellbeing as the more common physical and energetic benefits of Massage.

It seems to heal on a deeper and more profound psychological and emotional level than most touch - this is probably because its creator, Gerry Pyves is a psychotherapist, as well as a Body worker of 30 years’ experience.

It works because we use the soft surfaces of our forearms. This means it is both deeper and more relaxing than conventional massage. This is a powerfully flowing holistic massage treatment.  It can help you to totally release tension throughout your whole being and leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated. The massage is so powerful that you will feel the benefits long after the session has finished. No more skin polishing no more discomfort and no more painful or intrusive techniques. Only deep gentle powerful touch. The NO HANDS® Massage trademark means that you are assured of the highest standard of my professional training and ongoing development through their vibrant association. 

How do you incorporate this into your clinic or practice?

Here’s what one NO HANDS® Massage Practitioner told me when I asked how she had got on using it in her practice:

“The transformation from using hands to NO HANDS® Massage in my practice has been slow and steady but I have now increased NO HANDS to about 80-90% of everything I do.  After TT, I took Gerry's advice and offered a TT treatment to absolutely everyone for £10.  I managed about 40 treatments before the next course (practitioner) I kept the other treatments going alongside as the income helped me pay for the courses.  
I have focused a lot on the technical side over the last 3 years, getting support, attending courses, practicing and really getting familiar with each and every stroke whilst overcoming obstacles and celebrating those moments when a stroke seems to fall into place.  Much of my learning has come from clients and their feedback and through being a client and getting a massage as often as possible.  This year I have focused more on the business side, done some charity work and taken on board the business building tools and advice offered by the Association - this has really helped me get regular long- term clients and given me an increasing sense of purpose and integrity.  I could have done this sooner but I'm glad I'm doing it now.  Most of my clients have embraced it too, over time, many of them preferring it to anything else.”                                                                                      

Ailia Barnwell – UK 

If you would like to be informed when Gerry is coming to new Zealand to teach this material, just go to and sign up to his mailing list.

Article written by Michelle Gray

Sign up for a completely free online Transforming Touch course

Hello, to all the Massage Therapists and Beauty Therapists in New Zealand.

Trevor hunt who is an Advanced No hands massage Practioner performed 2 demonstration evenings at Grace Beauty Ltd  in Auckland on the 18th and 19th January 2017. Some of you from the Massage association attended these evenings which was amazing and we would like to say thank you as a lot of you travelled a few hours to be with us on these special evenings.

As some of you know we had some very good news from Gerry Pyves which I think you will be interested in.  You all need to go the No hands massage website or just click on the link and sign up for a completely free online Transforming Touch course.

All the information is on the videos which Gerry has created for you all and they explain on how to start and complete the Transforming Touch course online training.

Please get in touch with me on if you have any questions about the online training course for No Hands Massage or you can email an instructor from NO HANDS massage   when you have signed up.

Just to let you know as well that if we get 24 people signed up and completed the first course then Gerry will then come out and teach the second course which will be Practioner course in 2018.

Thank you again for you time and effort and enjoy the Transforming Touch Therapy.

 Yours sincerely

Michelle Gray &Trevor hunt






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