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Beauty Clinic Feature | Skin Health Studio

Written by Louise Blakely on April 20th, 2015.      0 comments

SpaBeauty NZ Beauty Clinic Feature Futi Skin

Skin Health Studio owner Jemma Moran has a passion for saving skin! From the beginning of her training in beauty therapy, she developed a strong passion for this area and has been specialising in it ever since. Jemma operates a successful clinic out of her home in the ever popular beach suburb of St Clair in Dunedin.

Jemma and her husband Karl returned home from a long stint in the UK after the birth of their daughter in 2010. Jemma decided it was time to get back to saving skin and started the Skin Health Studio, initially working two days a week from home. Clientele built up quickly, and it wasn’t long before the family needed to move to a bigger home and Jemma was working five days a week.  

The treatments at Skin Health Studio are individualised for each person - when they arrive at the clinic  for the first time, their photo is taken using the new Observ Skin Analysis technology. Based on Jemma’s thorough analysis of the skin, as well as considering what the client would like to achieve, a specific treatment plan is devised.
Futi Skin Beauty Clinic Feature by SpaBeauty NZ When asked what has been the secret to success in building a successful speciality skin clinic from home, Jemma says having gained extensive international training has given her the edge. She has received training from plastic surgeons, doctors, nutritionists, endocrinologists and New Zealand’s own amazing expert in skin analysis, Florence Barrett-Hill. This background has meant she has quickly grown her reputation in Dunedin and the lower South Island.

Jemma’s career started in 2001 with attending the National School of Aesthetics in Christchurch. Her first beauty therapy job was at Body Synergy (now Beaute) in Dunedin in 2002, a new clinic at the time. After three years of helping the owners build their clientele, Jemma decided she needed to explore the world to gain the best training in skin therapy.

After working as a facialist on a cruise ship in Miami for five months, Jemma decided it wasn’t for her as she couldn’t develop a long term approach for her clients skin (they would only see her while on their cruise).
So she set off again, this time with London in her sights.

Jemma started working for Donna Gershinson at Face It in North London, one of London’s top skin clinics. Donna is one of the UK’s leading educators in advanced skin analysis and the treatment of severe skin conditions, so this was where Jemma’s skin expertise began. During her time working under Donna, Face It won the Environ Salon of the Year for 10 consecutive years and are now the biggest seller of Dermaviduals in the UK.

This experience has been key to Jemma’s success, and Donna is still a mentor to Jemma and her business.  “We often Skype, her advice is invaluable for my business here in Dunedin.” Jemma is always committed to learning the latest in skincare as well as investing in the top machinery to benefit her clients. Developing good business systems has also been important, with Jemma using Timely salon software to run her clinic. "This automates much of my business, so I have more time to look after my clients."

Last November, the Skin Health Studio was chosen as the Dermaviduals Clinic of the Month. This award recognises the hard work that Jemma puts into developing the right skincare regime for every single client and their needs, and Dermaviduals plays a key part in this process.

Jemma prides herself in the fact that she offers her clients the best products available. For in-clinic and for homecare, this is Dermaviduals and Environ. Her make-up range of choice is the Curtis Collection by Victoria, which has been an absolute hit with the ladies of Dunedin. A big part of skincare in Jemma’s eyes is what goes into the body, so she also sells books by Dr Libby so that her clients can be educated on the right way to nourish their bodies. Oh, and she can’t go past the lovely JBronze for tanning!

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