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Beauty Supplier Showcase | Janine Tait Group

Written by Nadia McCracken on April 13th, 2015.      0 comments

The business

Beauty is not just skin deep, it comes from the inside. This has been the underlying message that has shaped Janine Tait’s journey in the beauty industry and what motivated her to create the Janine Tait Group nearly 10 years ago. The Janine Tait Group is passionate about delivering superior quality products to clinics that provide an outside AND inside solution to beautiful skin. They also provide post-graduate training for therapists and support and advice to the Beauty Therapy Community.

Janine Tait SpaBeauty NZ Supplier Showcase Article
The distribution and training are both run out of Janine’s Salon, Lox Spa in Tauranga. It’s a family affair with both Janine’s husband, Kevin and her sister Robyn, working in the Janine Tait Group to keep the busy office running. Over recent years the business has expanded to include Sheryl who has her own graphic design company and food blog as well as Jenny who helps with office administration. The Lox Spa therapists, Steph, Nicola and Jan are all seen in the office on a daily basis helping where needed; they are women of many skills!

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The Janine Tait Group products:


Janine Tait group started with the distribution of the Janesce Skin Care range which Janine was introduced to many years ago by Janice Sarre Smith, founder of Janesce Skin Care. Janice founded Janesce Skin Care in 1986 after becoming frustrated by the quality and limited range of natural products available to her clients. With the knowledge that she had acquired on plants, herbs and physiology of the skin over her 20 years as a consultant, she was finally able to develop products that would treat the skin naturally.
The result is a beautiful natural products range made with organic plant extracts. It is a belief and philosophy of care, providing clients with a beautiful plant-based, professional skin-care option. Being trained with the Janesce products allows therapists to work holistically with the skin - a popular approach with today’s client. Most importantly Janesce Skin Care range achieves results that the client can see and feel.
Janine was so impressed with results she got for her clients through using Janesce that she took on the Nationwide distribution of this18 years ago. Since then, she has been passionately sharing the knowledge she has gained and her experience with other clinics and therapists throughout New Zealand, equipping them in using this beautiful, natural skincare range.


Being introduced to Janesce and the concept of using food to treat the skin sparked an interest in Janine to learn more about the connection between health and beauty. She then went on to study Nutritional Medicine and noticed that there was a need in the beauty industry for products that work from the inside to help clients achieve truly glowing, vital skin so she developed Bestow.
Bestow Beauty Products SpaBeauty NZ Supplier Showcase Article 
Bestow is a philosphy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods loving created to support inner health and outer beauty. The range started with the development of Bestow Beauty Oil, a functional food to help nourish, heal and enrich your skin. Made from a blend of organic, unrefined, extra virgin seed oils cold-pressed from flax and safflower, providing a perfectly balanced ratio of Essential Fatty Acids for the skin.
From there the range has grown to include Bestow Beauty Powder, a delicious, beautifying blend of nutrient-rich plants, designed to bestow health and radiance to your skin and Bestow Be Cleansed, a blend of nature’s super foods designed to bestow a clearer, more radiant complexion by encouraging the liver and bowel to gently eliminate toxins in a non-aggressive way. Alongside the products are three food journals, created by Janine and Sheryl, which include recipes to bestow health and radiance to your being and your skin. All of the recipes in these journals focus on whole foods and are sugar and gluten free and largely dairy free also.
The Bestow range is about rituals, not regimes, sensuality and sustenance, not substances. It’s more than a product, it’s about women feeling confident and having the right to experience her most beautiful self.
Cosmetic Lab

This boutique mineral make up range is simple to use. It has a no fuss application that will make you skin seem flawless in no time at all, enhancing your beauty. Cosmetic Lab fits with the beliefs of Janine and her team, being mineral it is safe for all skin types and even suitable for the most sensitive of skins and allergy prone skin.
The make up uses pure mineral technology where only the finest mineral ingredients are sourced and used in their purest form. Being of the highest quality the make up does not irritate or dry out the skin.
This product is perfect for men and women who want the best for their skin, for their skin to be cared for while still being able to fill their desire of looking good and feeling great. Cosmetic Lab offers a diverse range of skin-friendly mineral make up and cosmetics that you skin will love to wear!
The Janine Tait Group are passionate about the products they supply and would love to talk further with you regarding the ranges. Please get in touch with us and we can send you an information pack.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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