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Beauty Therapists Empowered by Powerbooking®

Written by Nadia McCracken on May 25th, 2015.      0 comments

On Sunday, 24th May an enthusiastic group of beauty therapists, clinic owners and managers attended the Mentor Management Benchmarks & Powerbooking® training hosted by Grace Beauty Ltd at their Grace Professional Development Centre in Auckland.

These therapists braved the extremely cold & wet weather to learn new skills and strategies to take their businesses to new heights.

Left, Terri from Grace Beauty Ltd. 
Right, Sharyn from Mentor Management.
Grace Beauty Ltd and Mentor Management Post Grad Beauty Training
Melanie from Elements Beauty Therapy says:

“Never underestimate the value in training and the opportunity it affords to mingle and network with like-minded people”.

Sharyn Raiti, director of Mentor Management and the creator of the Powerbooking® concept trained as a beauty therapist 30 years ago. Ten years ago she decided to turn her focus on helping others succeed in the industry. Sharyn says: “I love seeing the shift from Beauty therapist to Business therapist when I work with clinics.”
It is no secret that there is a clear lack of business understanding in our industry. So many therapists tend to focus on growing & developing their practical skills and knowledge; and they make no attempt to grow their business skills. Regardless of whether you’re a clinic owner or employee, it’s important to understand and know that your job security, pay increases and career advancement all depend on your ability to rebook, upgrade and retail.
So what is Powerbooking®?
It may be good to start with what Powerbooking® is NOT. Powerbooking® is not up-selling.

Sharyn explains that “up-selling will not necessary help you to strategically lead your clients in the direction you want them (and your business) to go. Up-selling is simply adding on a service to increase your turn-over. Even though up-selling is an important strategy to increase your daily turn-over, it very rarely leads to a long-term relationship with a client."
Powerbooking® is a strategic action plan to lead your clients from one service (i.e. the wax cubicle) to another service (i.e. the facial cubicle). It is maximising productivity in your clinic and creating new opportunities for the client and for the business.
Right now for most clinics, Eye Brow Waxing/Shaping is their best selling treatment. We all know that even though this is a low cost, profitable service; it offers very little retail opportunity. This is where Powerbooking® comes in. It teaches you the techniques and strategies to upgrade that Eye Brow client to become a loyal Facial (or any other) service client. In other words you convert that Eye Brow Wax client and lead them through your business to where YOU would like them to be.
There is a lot more you can do to increase your turn-over and productivity in your clinic, and up skilling yourself is key.
Here is some feedback from those who attended the training:
“Today made me excited – to go back and really look at where & how I can work smarter”.

Yolandi, Skin Logic
“Today made it clear how to do great business with amazing client service”.
Frances, Image Oasis
“Today was an awesome day! Great tips & tricks and smarter ideas. Looking forward to using these tools”. Amy, Skin n Tonic
“It taught me to look outside the square & make smarter choices to increase productivity”.
Mel, Home-based clinic owner

SpaBeauty NZ Post Grad Events Mentor Management and Grace Beauty Ltd
Maya Angelou says:
“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”.

For more Post Grad Beauty Training & Events so you can grow better & better, visit our Event Calendar now.

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