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Bridal Beach Weddings

Written by Wendy Hill on June 10th, 2015.      0 comments

SpaBeauty NZ Articles Pacific Beach Wedding Makeup

Beach weddings are becoming very popular, particularly in romantic exotic locations.

The Pacific Islands are a popular choice because to their close proximity to New Zealand, the year-round warm climate and their tropical beauty.

Once the bride has chosen her dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, hairstyles and jewellery, then a colour palette and style for the makeup to complement the whole wedding theme can be planned.

All bridal makeup requires careful planning, quality makeup that works in the heat and lasts all day, and professional application techniques. It’s essential to use makeup that is photographic because poor results in photos mean an unhappy bride!
Tropical Wedding Makeup Tutorial by Wendy Hill SpaBeautyNZ
Photographs are the wedding memories a couple will have forever.

The closer you are to the equator, the hotter and more humid it gets and the light is much brighter, so our brides makeup in Rarotonga was planned to make sure it performed in the heat, and captured how the light reflected on her skin for the photographs.

The bride had a spray tan, choosing a warm golden shade (avoid cool based shades) just a few tones deeper than her skin tone, so her tan looked very natural.

Her makeup preparation started with clean skin and we applied our SPF 46 Oil Free Moisturiser all over her face and body (don’t let your bride get sunburnt!) It’s essential to use a sun block that is light, non greasy and photographic, or it could reflect an ashen white tone on camera.

Velvet Veil Primer was lightly worked into the skin to even out texture, lock in moisture and ensure the makeup would last the distance.

Good Night’s Sleep Corrective Wand has a matte finish and is a fabulous Eye Primer, keeping eye shadow on and true to colour, and the pale yellow shade corrects dark circles under the eyes too.

Next on was Faux Fashion Lashes. Ours are made from natural hair, which is best for professional work because synthetics look too shiny and heavy. We did all her all eye work before the foundation, a good idea when using deeper eyeshadow shades as they can drift onto the skin.

Oyster Eyeshadow was washed all over the eye area as a neutral base tone, then we used the Grey and Charcoal shades in the Catwalk Goddess Palette to create soft smoky eyes. Definition is required for the camera, so make sure all shadows are well blended to look best in the sharper, brighter light.
Platinum Silver was added to the inner corner of the eyes where the light would naturally hit, and a touch of Funky Frost Eyedust to the eyelids to make the eyes pop and sparkle!

Always use waterproof, smudge proof eyeliner for weddings. We lined the top lids with waterproof Indelible Gel Eyeliner Black Out in a sexy cat eye style! Waterproof Indelible Brow Liner Dove Grey was used to softly line under the eyes and to shape the brows, then Waterproof Black Mascara.

We used Paramedical Foundation because it performs so well in the heat, and we could build it up just where extra cover was needed, then blended and buffed out the edges for a very natural finish.

A small amount of Candleglow Pearly Pink liquid highlighter was patted and pressed into the foundation to highlight above the cheekbones, before locking it all in with a dusting of Oil Controlling Loose powder. Don’t over powder the skin – use just enough to lock in the foundation so it is completely budge proof!

Lastly we applied Duo Blusher/Bronzer ‘Two Fabulous’. Bronzer is best applied where you see your bride’s natural contours to bring out the beauty of her bone structure. Layering and highlighting points of the face will ensure the makeup looks contoured and three dimensional in photographs.
As the eyes were the focus of our brides makeup, we chose Mauvelous lipstick, which looked great with a touch of Wetlips Lip Gel in the centre of the lips to make her lips fuller.

We chose the Grey and Silver shades for her makeup design as they complemented the brides skin tone. Her gorgeous white dress, veil and shoes were embellished with cool sparkling crystals, she wore fab crystal earrings, and of course her sparkling white gold and diamond ring!

The bridesmaid’s dresses were a beautiful sea foam shade and their makeup mirrored the bride’s. They all looked beautiful, fresh and radiant all day - a stunning result!

Article supplied by Wendy Hill Cosmetics.
Hair: Melinda Morris Ponga, Pacific Brides Inc
Makeup Range: Wendy Hill Cosmetics
Photographer: Junior Marsters, Nior Photography, Rarotonga.
 The Perfect Pacific Wedding Makeup by Wendy Hill SpaNBeautyNZ Articles

Challenges of bridal makeup in the Islands
Working with tourist bridal hair and makeup in the heat and humidity of Rarotonga for 13 years certainly offered up some challenges. 
On arriving in Rarotonga I very quickly realised that some techniques needed to be done a little differently and that working with products designed for the Pacific environment was essential.  

I’ve worked with Wendy Hill Makeup for over nine years now.  I have enjoyed the quality of the product to work with and it has been rewarding to receive so many letters from brides saying how much they loved their look and how well the makeup lasted. 
Because the Wendy Hill range is so versatile I was able to work with brides and bridal parties - both young and mature - from all over the world, there is always colours and products in my Wendy Hill kit to suit to suit every need.

Melinda Morris Ponga, Pacific Bride Inc

Pacific Beach Bridal Hair and Makeup SpaBeautyNZ Articles
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