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Choosing a Skin Care Brand

Written by Rebecca Field on August 20th, 2014.      0 comments


There will be a couple of times during your Beauty Therapy career when you will need to choose a skin care brand.

The first time will be when you are entering the industry; and the next time will be when you are looking at changing brands.

Choosing a product the second time around is a lot easier than when you are first entering into the industry.
Most of us are passionate about what we do so we tend to become passionate about a product range before we've checked out some of the finer details. We fall in love with the smell, the feel, the look, the brand manager and we invest our money into that brand without taking into consideration numerous other factors.

These other factors, will impact on you further down the track if you haven’t already given it some careful consideration.

Choosing a Salon Product SpaBeauty

Here is a list of 10 factors to take into consideration when choosing a skin care brand:

1.  Does it fit with your philosophy? In other words is the range:
  • Organic or Natural?
  • Cosmeceutical?
  • Professional only brand?
  • Imported or Made in New Zealand?
2. Does it fit with how you have branded your business?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Are you working with predominately acne clients?
  • Do you want to specialize in anti ageing?
  • What are your demographics?
3. What are the distributors core values?
  • Do they match yours?
  • Do they make you feel comfortable?
4. Is there an opening order and if so how big is it?
  • Do they allow you to pay this off?
  • Do they require the money up front?
5. How much margin do you get?
  • The average margin is 60% but some companies offer 100%.
6. How many products are there in their range?
  • Is it small and boutique-like range or is it more suited to a larger clinic?
  • Will you be able to retail the majority of these products or will they sit on your shelf?
7. What support do you receive from this supplier?
  • How many visits do you receive per annum?
  • Will they support you by attending any events you hold?
  • Do you have to pay for education or is it complimentary?
  • Do they provide free samples or do you have to pay for them?
  • What is their returns policy on faulty product or product in general?
  • What are their payment terms?
8. How often are they out of stock of key items?
  •  What is the turnaround when ordering stock?
9. What are their expectations of you as a stockist?
  • Are you required to hold a minimum level of stock?
  • Do they require minimum order values?
  • Are there annual sales targets that they expect you to meet, if so what are they?
10. How long have they been in business?
  • Are they stable?
  • Do they have a good record?
Finally, phone some of the other clinics that stock the brand you have decided upon and find out what the supplier is like to deal with. Take a random sample of clinics to phone and not necessarily the ones that the supplier has suggested you ring.

After all this is a business PARTNERSHIP – it’s not a one-way deal and it’s your money that you are investing into their brand!
This article was supplied by Rebecca Field.

If you would like to contact Rebecca:

Beauty Business Consulting

Mobile: 021 922472
Skype: beauty business consulting napier
Choosing a Brand for your Beauty Salon or Spa

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