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Creating Add-ons with every Beauty Therapy or Spa Treatment

Written by Nadia McCracken on May 8th, 2014.      0 comments

I’ve never been a fan of discounting treatments. I believe it breeds a client culture of expecting to pay less than what a treatment is worth. It devalues your services. I believe that rather than discounting, we should focus on “add-ons”.

What are Add-ons?

“Add-ons” are miniature treatments that can be added to any treatment to enhance the client experience; create an opportunity for conversation and increase your retail revenue. It is what makes your clients feel special, and will keep them loyal to your business. By creating an “add-on” to all your existing treatments, your clients will feel that they are getting more than they are paying for.

One thing to understand is that an “add-on” is not an “up-sell”. Generally, an “add-on” is not an additional charge to the treatment you’re giving; but rather something extra special you give your client to make her want to come back. You may want to factor in a little bit of extra time or product into your service charges to allow for your add-ons. However, you are not to charge the client for these little extras. As far as your client is concerned, this is a little “gift” from you. It’s a “thank you” for being a loyal client to your clinic or spa.

In this article we will look at three easy 10-15 minute add-ons that you can effortlessly incorporate with every treatment your beauty clinic or spa offers. You’ll be amazed at the increase in your client satisfaction; as well as your retail revenue by incorporating them!

1.  Add on a complimentary day makeup application after every facial or body treatment. This creates a great opportunity to match your client’s perfect foundation to her skin tone. It also provides you an opportunity to introduce the new Season eye shadow colours. Many clinics use this as a “teaser” to book the client in for a full makeup application session.

If your client prefers to not have makeup after her treatment, any non-makeup product such as a primer or mineral powder, oil control product, or a tinted moisturizer can be applied.

Every woman loves a new lip colour! Knowing this, I believe every beauty clinic or spa should have a lipstick range available for retail; and EVERY treatment should finish with a lovely lip colour!
Make up pic for article

2.  Another way to incorporate makeup as an add-on service is through waxing treatments.
Every beauty clinic and spa should have a set of concealers, a setting powder, and a set of eyebrow powder kits. When a client comes in for a wax, they generally do so during midday when they have other things to do afterwards. Why send them out with red skin from a waxing treatment? After a facial wax is done, the therapist should apply a concealer onto the red areas of the skin.
There are concealers out there that are ideal for this situation − specifically formulated with allantoin to help repair skin tissue, jojoba esters to add hydration, and vitamins for antioxidant protection. Once the waxing treatment is complete, a translucent powder can be used to set it.

Try to find a translucent powder that has liquorice root extract, which is an anti-inflammatory that helps to calm and reduce redness in the skin.
Waxing article pic
After the colour correction has been done, you can help reshape and fill in the client’s eyebrow with an eyebrow kit. The kit should be shown to every eyebrow customer to ensure they can create the same eyebrow when they are at home; this is another creative way to increase your retail sales.
3.  Incorporating a quick exfoliant and warm compress with every body wax is a fantastic add-on. It’s easy to make your own exfoliant with sugar, water-dispersible oil and a few drops of essential oil; or you can use a salon product to create a retail opportunity. You need very little time or product for this add-on; and the benefits are huge! It’s a great way to alleviate ingrowns and have your client leave ultra smooth. There is no way your client will want to even try another clinic once she has experienced service like this!

There are so many ways to create add-ons with your current treatments. Get creative and most of all, have fun in creating fabulous ways to have your clients leave blown away with the amazing treatment and service they have experienced from you! Next time you find yourself wanting to grow your business through discounting, rather than doing so think about growing your business through
add-ons and delivering exceptional service.  
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In business, always "under-promise and over-deliver". Never "over-promise and under-deliver".




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