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Dealing with No-Shows in Your Beauty Clinic

Written by Industry Input on November 1st, 2015.      0 comments

Ula Western SpaBeauty NZ Industry Input Article on No Shows Ula Western

The Essentials Massage & Beauty | Director

No shows are an unfortunate part of the Beauty Industry.
One of the most helpful tools to combat the frequency of these are the automated reminder texts that most online clinic systems have now. I set my system up to remind clients the day before, so if they have forgotten they have time to organise work, babysitters etc... or to re-schedule allowing me time to fill their time slot without any inconvenience to me or them feeling awkward.
With specific clients who are notorious for last minute cancellations or no shows I  re-remind them on the day  several hours prior and I note clients who would like that time slot as backup, usually mentioning to the backup clients that the slot may come up last minute. Having a wait list is always handy. 
Trisha Taylor-House SpaBeauty NZ Industry Input Article on No Shows Trisha Taylor-House

Esthetica Skin Revision Clinic | Director

No-shows USED to do my head in!

In February of this year I implemented a booking policy. Everyone pays a $30 deposit to secure their booking. If they give less than 24 hrs notice or no show, they forfeit their deposit. They can redeem the deposit at the appointment or choose to roll the deposit over on rebooking.

We went from an average of 30+ short notice or no-shows a month to less than 3 a month!!
I wish everyone would do this!! It would make it easier on all of us instead of a few brave ones willing to stick our necks out and be the only ones of course there has been some push back from some clients, and I was prepared for that, but the more we all do this the more "normal" and accepted it becomes for everyone. My super wish is for us all as an industry to put our big girls pants on and start standing up for our businesses and stop being walked over by inconsiderate clients doing no-shows.
Nadia McCracken SpaBeauty NZ Industry Input Article Dealing with No Shows Nadia McCracken

Contract Therapist/Tutor & SpaBeautyNZ
| Director

Personally, I don't like to call it a "Cancellation Policy".

I think that in itself will make clients think you get a lot of cancellations; and it brings up a negative connotation. Start talking about a "Re-booking Policy". That has a much more positive connotation; and it will make clients think to rebook, not just cancel.

Make sure you explain your salon policy to every client. Also make sure it is in writing:
  • on your treatment menu/brochure
  • gift vouchers
  • framed on your reception wall & visible to all clients
Many small home-based salon owners find it a challenge with no-shows, as they don't have the facilities that larger salons have e.g. credit card facilities. If you have clients that continually let you down, I suggest asking them to pre-pay via on-line banking before you accept their booking.
Louise from Chrysalis Clinics Industry Input Spa Beauty NZ Article on No Shows Louise Dickinson

Chrysalis Clinics
| Director

Clients that don’t turn up, cost our business a lot of money. I have found trying to work with these clients rather than against them is always the best way to stop continuous “no shows”.

What we do when a client does not turn up, is ask them when they make their next booking if they would like a courtesy call as well as our text reminder.
This conversation lets them know how important it is that they arrive for their bookings. If they are a constant “no show,” the reception will let them know that the owner will be calling them regarding our 24-hour cancellation policy.

We have on our treatment menu outlining this policy and the charge, be we will never actually charge them as I feel the negative reaction is not worth the few dollars. “No Shows'” will always be part of a running business, but working with them for the long term reward outweighs getting angry at customers.
We'd love to hear your comments & feedback on how you deal with no-shows.

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