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Eight ways to keep it Real in 2015

Written by Sharyn Raiti on January 12th, 2015.      0 comments

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So what will 2015 bring for you?
Rather than hope for better why not go after what you want?

Have you taken the time to really decide what this year brings for you – what you really want – it’s actually your choice what your year brings & what your outcomes are.

Why do we keep doing what isn’t working for us? It may be your job, business, relationship, eating pattern & on it goes. We are creatures of habit & usually until something traumatic happens in our lives like not being able to pay the bills or illness is when we stand up & take notice; we decideat that point that it’s time to make a change.

I am always surprised that most wait for the trauma to occur; why not makes changes now for prevention rather than cure? Too often we get stuck in what isn’t working for us & before you know it it’s a brand new year & hello nothing has changed again. How miserable, how boring. Is this really the life you want to live?
I seriously doubt it.

Most beauty salon business owners are so keen to have an amazing business & start out with massive dreams to reach the highest business benchmarks along with financial freedom & flexibility – exactly as it should be. But the reality for most is that you are busier than ever, exhausted, swamped with everything including doing treatments in the salon & what’s more your staff have higher pay packets than you. Seriously? Reaching your original dream is obtainable but not without focussed business planning, the right education & direction to help you get there – keep learning, there is always more to learn. Don’t fall prey to knowing it all.

So if you want to make a shift here are 8 ways for keeping it REAL in 2015
  1. Be crystal clear on what you want
  2. Stop doing what isn’t working
  3. Get out of the cubicle
  4. Know your Financials
  5. Train Your Staff
  6. Lead Your customers
  7. Get educated on YOUR learning gaps
  8. Track your business
So I say again stop doing what isn’t working personally & professionally for you & take the brave steps you need to make a big change this year. Get your business on track & make the money you deserve to enjoy your life – take a good hard look at the list that needs your attention & action it.
Let’s just finish this article with my final few words -  less talking & more doing. That’s a great way to create change!

Article by Sharyn Raiti from Mentor Management.
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