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How to Score Your Dream Job

Written by Nadia McCracken on May 27th, 2014.      0 comments

In my positions as spa manager and clinic owner, I’ve had to interview many spa and beauty therapists over the years. It’s a very competitive industry out there; and landing your perfect job is not always that easy.
Looking back at some of the interviews I've conducted, some of them really stand out. I remember one in particular, where a therapist applying for a position in a 5-star Spa listed “I’m fully proficient in Facebook” as one of her strengths! It probably goes without saying, that particular candidate did not get the job!
Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowds when you apply for that perfect job:
1. Do your homework
The more you know about the place you are applying to the more promising the potential outcome will be. You can try and get through the interview without doing any research and keep fingers crossed all will go well, but that is not a good plan. Going in unprepared could lose you a fantastic opportunity; and going in well prepared could very well score you the best job opportunity in a fantastic clinic/spa!
Much of your homework can be done by researching the clinic/spa’s website and social networks. Understanding their culture, vision and mission statement is crucial.
You’d be surprised how few interviewees prepare for their interviews in this way. So if you want to stand out from other applicants and make a killer first impression, DO YOUR RESEARCH. I can’t stress that enough.
2. Applying for the job
It is a worthwhile investment of your time to create a customised CV when you are applying for a job. That means really understanding what the employer is looking for, and emphasising those key areas in your CV that match their needs.  In order for your application to stand out, it has to appeal to the company’s brand and philosophy.

Once your CV has been reviewed, and it’s impressive enough for you to be invited for an interview, this is when you can really blow their socks off with the information you have gathered.
There are many websites available that offer free resume templates. Make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions from NZ sites; as the templates and requirements are quite different overseas and will not necessarily appeal to our market.

Two great websites that offer free advice and templates:
One thing to note when creating your CV from a template is to make sure you delete the script from the template. I’ve come across many CV’s over the years where applicants have not proof-read their CV thoroughly and left the template or example script in! I suggest you ask someone (preferably English speaking) to proof-read your CV before you submit it.
3. Prepare for your interview
So, your CV has impressed the reader and you’ve got the interview. Well done!
This means something about you resonated with them.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your important interview:
  • Before you go for the interview, make a list of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Be clear on what you have to offer. Why should they want to employ you? 
  • From having done your homework and research about the clinic/ spa, prepare a few possible questions you thing may be directed at you during the interview.Consider the company philosophy and vision. 
  • Enter the interview room relaxed and confident in the knowledge that you are well prepared. Listen carefully; really listen – don’t get distracted by listening to the conversation in your head. 
  • If it is appropriate, consider opening a casual conversation about the clinic or spa’s history or past achievements / highlights. This will show your interviewer you have taken initiative and know your subject. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the job, your responsibilities, the growth potential or any other questions you may want to ask. It often helps to list your questions on a piece of paper before you go for the interview.
It is most likely that many of the questions that the interviewer will ask of you during the interview are meant to determine the 3 following things:
1. Are you a good fit for the company
2. Are you capable of solving problems and taking initiative
3. Are you able to help grow the business
If you are questioned about your weaknesses, make sure to balance your answer by focussing on your strengths, for example:
Question: “You don’t seem to have a strong background in sales or retailing. How would you ensure you meet your sales target every month?”

Answer: “I believe that my success will come from knowing my products and educating my clients on the products. I am very good at establishing my client’s needs, and addressing that in my treatment plan. I am confident in my ability to grow a solid, loyal client base.”
Finally, dress immaculately when you go for an interview. First impressions are very hard to change. From the interviewer’s perspective, if someone does not make an effort looking extremely well groomed for the interview, its easy to make the assumption that they will make no effort at all with their grooming turning up to do the job!

We are in a “look good; feel good” industry. Walk the talk – be an advertisement! Every day.
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