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Is Skin Your Job or Your Passion?

Written by Robyn McAlpine on July 22nd, 2015.      0 comments

For a client, placing their trust in us as skin care therapists is a BIG deal.

Not only are they hanging their skin hopes and dreams on our abilities, they are willing to spend a fair amount of their hard earned cash to do it.

Cash that you are responsible for spending.

Of course clients understand that working with a skin care professional is vital. Just as having a personal trainer that whips their thighs into shape, having your very own personal skin therapist come guru gives clients guidance in all things skin.
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But how do clients tell the forest from the trees? How do they know the difference between a passionate, true skin care professional and a therapist who is simply just doing a job?

Which one are you?     
Here are 7 things that may help highlight difference between a therapist, just there for the job and a passionate, skilled skin therapist who has skin care running through her veins.

1. Do you throw them in the deep end?

Before you know it you’ve got your client on your treatment bed about to undergo a treatment that you haven’t really explained what, why or how its going to help. There was some brief discussion about how you could ‘zap this’ and ‘peel that’ but you haven’t given them all the information.

Is it because you don’t really know? Are you just doing what your boss/rep told you would work? Or are you just under pressure to reach a target?

Anyone can wield a laser, manhandle a microdermbrasion machine or roll some needles over a face. The actual technique of these treatments is not the hard part. Anyone can dismantle the motor of a car. But unless you know all the parts intimately and intricately, you can’t put it all back together again. Do you know how to rebuild it? Do you know skin inside out and back to front?

There’s plenty of “demolition therapists” who know who to use the gadgets, but it needs to be backed up with the ability to rebuild your skin and within a well-rounded program that supports your clients skin.
Are you jumping in too soon?

2. Home care? What home care?

You’re doing skin treatments on your clients… but you let them walk out the door empty handed.
You’ve heard it all before that 60-70% of your results come from what your client is doing at home, every single day. If you haven’t prescribed a detailed routine of products to use morning and night, you’ve left a mighty big hole in your treatment plan.

Are you keeping in touch with your client in the days/weeks after her treatment? If you’ve just performed a hi-tech treatment with down time or side effect, its extremely important that you are keeping in touch to coach your client through the stages her skin will go through after her treatment.
3. You allow your client to chose her treatment like she’s picking a martini in a cocktail bar.

You handed her the brochure, she chose her treatment right?

I know it can feel pushy making recommendations especially when your client has her heart set on a particular treatment. But it is irresponsible to allow her to simply have that treatment particularly if it is not the perfect match for her skin. You are also not using this perfect opportunity to show her you are a true skin professional!

Patients don’t walk into their doctor and tell them what medications they need. Honey, it’s time to take your profession, your knowledge and your skill seriously and lead your client trough treatments that are best for her.

This is not being pushy or salesy. This is giving your beautiful client what she is looking for- a skin coach who wants nothing but the best for her.

4. You sell the same predictable package as everyone else.

You know the ones… usually a 6x6- 6 of the same treatment once a week for 6 weeks, ‘one-size-fits-all’.
This would be fine if your client skin was the same as everyone else’s and her skin needed a peel once per week for 6 weeks….

But it isn’t and it doesn’t.

As a knowledgeable skin therapist you would know that 6 identical treatments in a row aren’t the most intelligent of choices for your clients skin.

Using your skills and the information you gather in your initial skin analysis, you should be able to build a treatment program that will address the real needs of your clients skin.

Your boss put that package together to keep clients coming back and to give you the opportunity to build your column, to gain the trust of that client and to show them that regular treatments work. If you we’re doing all of the above and developing custom treatment plans that are specific to each client, she wouldn’t need to be doing package deals that are one size fits all to try and keep you busy.
5. You’ve promised the world within a week.

Many skin conditions require strategic planning based around your clients cellular life cycle.

You know that results are dependent the level of cellular damage, client compliance, the formulation of your products and you know that things don’t happen overnight. As a skilled skin therapist we can take years off faces but you need to set your client up for success and not failure.

She doesn’t know that her pigment spot has been festering away under her skin for years. As far as she knows, it popped up after her European summer holiday. It’s really important that you take the time to explain to her the cellular processes that are happening in her skin so she can understand the reason behind your treatment plan.

If you don’t know the process that is happening in her skin that causes things like pigment spots to show up, that’s ok… but you need to begin to learn and there’s no time like the present!

6. You head straight for the ‘big guns’

Like an artist with a few tubes of paint, a machine, product or ingredient is only as good as the hands they are in.
 Any serious skin therapist knows that there’s more to true skin correction than just whipping out the heavy artillery and firing away.

Skin cells need to be prepped and primed so that they know how to communicate with one another and can effectively handle the ‘big gun’ treatments. 
The more prepped the skin cells are, the quicker they will bounce back from the treatment and your results will have longevity.

A master plan for treating skin should be spread over 6-12-18 months and work in stages to achieve the desired result. Simply lasering, rolling or resurfacing doesn’t lay the foundations for the groundwork that needs to be achieved for true cellular rejuvenation

7. Your client still isn’t sure how it will all help (and really… neither are you)

One of my favourite sayings is:
“If you cant’ explain it simply enough, then you really don’t know it well enough” Albert Einstein.

If you can’t explain ‘skin’ in easy to understand terms, it’s time to head back to class.
Simply telling your client that this new treatment is going to rejuvenate/repair/rebuild collagen isn’t cutting it!
It is up to you to explain it in basic terms of cellular structure and function so that she confidently knows you are the right person for the job.

If you can’t break it down into understandable chunks, then you probably don’t understand the technology well enough. AND it’s ok to admit that you don’t know it all. None of us do. We are all at different stages on our path of learning and some of us are just a little bit further along than others.

It might be time you invested in you as a professional and start seeking further training. It’s not up to your boss.

If you want to be the best- you need to do what it takes to BE THE BEST!
  • Do skin anatomy courses.
  • Find yourself a mentor.
  • Work for those who you admire and who are where you want to be in 2, 5,10 years time. 
There are plenty of amazing people in this industry to learn from! It’s as simple as introducing yourself and firing up a conversation! You never know where it will take you!

Article supplied by:

Robyn McAlpine
Skin Therapist. Skin Lover. BS Hater.

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