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It's All About the Base!

Written by Robyn McAlpine on June 25th, 2015.      0 comments

Do You Know What is in Your Skincare SpaBeauty NZ

In the last decade skin care has advanced from lotions that smell good and feel nice to potent creams that activate a change in skin cell function.

The focus has been on the active ingredient, the miracle ingredient that you simply MUST have in your skin care routine.

We’ve been peddled high concentrate anti-oxidant this, active peptides and collagen boosters and science advancements like snail slime or pigeon poo can make you look “ten years younger”.

And whilst all of the technology and all of the discoveries are great, our attention has been so distracted in the “active” arena that we’ve forgotten to look at what the actives are floating around in. What’s in the base???

You see, the cream bases that ‘active ingredients’ are mixed into are also part of the product. You can’t separate the two. They are both in the same jar. They are both applied to your skin.

You cant just go “wow, this product has a super high Vitamin A content” and ignore the rest.

It’s time to take a closer look at the ingredients list and really understand what you are putting on your skin.

A product that is high in fandangled active ingredients most likely also contains preservatives, parabens and sulfates. You may also find binding agents, emulsifiers and fragrances and other ingredients that aren’t so beneficial to your skin.

No manufacturer is ever going to write “emulsifier” or “binding agent” on the ingredients list. They will call it by its ingredient name. They know that you’re probably never going to even ask about the base whilst you are being distracted by the fancy active.

So reading the back of the label requires a whole lot more than a quick glance.

It is not uncommon to see ingredients in a product placed in there to simply stop two ingredients from reacting with each other, or to mask the smell of another base ingredient or to help another bunch of products to mix together without reacting with each other.

Yes, they have a function… but what about your skin?? Yes it might keep the formula stable but what happens when these cells are applied to human skin cells.

I would urge you now to go to the bathroom cupboard and pick any product. Your cleanser would be a good place to start.

Take a moment to google the long words and numbers on the back and find out if you truly feel comfortable applying them to your skin each day.

There is more to a product than just the fancy ingredient that the marketing company has chosen to promote. And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “surely they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it if it was bad for your skin” wrong. They can and sadly they do!

I’d love for you to comment below and tell me which ingredient surprised you the most. Does it make you rethink what’s going on your skin??

The article was supplied by Robyn McAlpine, Founder of Laser Effect, Australia

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Rachel McAlpine Laser Blog SpaBeauty I've been in the beauty industry 9 (almost 10) years and have a passion for skin anatomy and physiology and believe that this is a vital foundation for any skin therapist.
I am the founder of Laser Effect and we specialise in skin correction. I LOVE what we do and how we make clients feel! My team and I are always learning and updating our anatomy and physiology knowledge and using those skills every day with our clients. 
I LOVE this industry and want to inspire fellow therapists to think outside the box, below the surface to really change the way we see skin! Not a day goes by that I don't jump out of bed, ready to change the world one skin at a time! 




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